15 Fun, Flirty Games To Play Over Text


    Texting throughout the day is a good and incredibly easy way to build regular communication when you’re dating someone new or trying to connect more with your current partner.

    Whether you’re on your way to work or your morning coffee run, sending them a quick message can keep you at the top of their mind. However, there are times when the correspondence can become boring and repetitive, so mixing things up with some flirty games to play over text can help.

    Whether your crush is new in your life or you’ve been dating your partner for years, any relationship can benefit from a little fun and games now and then.

    Games help you create bonding memories, relieve the stress of having to come up with topics to discuss, bring laughter into the room, and teach you new things about each other emotionally and sexually.

    Playing flirty games while texting does not have to be complicated or time-consuming, but you can take them as far as you want. Matching your sense of humor and level of comfortability to your partner’s is always a good idea — if you’re stuck for ideas, here are eight fun and flirty games to play over text.

    Fun, Flirty Games To Play Over Text

    Below are some fun, flirty games you can play over text today with your lover.

    1. Would You Rather

    Playing the classic “Would you rather” game can be as flirtatious or humorous as you want. To get things going, ask provocative questions like, “Would you rather have a huge hickey that lasts a year or get a small tattoo of my name in a hidden place?”

    2. Never Have I Ever

    It’s easy to turn a round of “never have I ever” into a flirty (or even seductive) moment. Your answers can range from “I’ve never had pineapple on pizza” to “I’ve never made out with someone in the back of an Uber,” so the level of flirtation is entirely up to you.

    3. Complete the Form

    Fill in the blanks is a fun way to pass the time. All you have to do is send a text message containing a phrase that is missing a keyword. Like in Mad Libs, the person you play with fills in the blanks.

    The best part about this game is that you can play it funnily or sexually, depending on whom you’re playing with.

     4. 20 Questions

    Playing 20 questions can help you get to know your crush better or strengthen your bond with your partner. You can ask each other questions like, “What do you like best about me?” or “Is there anything we haven’t tried in bed that you’d like to try?”

    5. This Or That

    A game of “this or that” can be a fun way to break the ice if you’re still getting to know your crush or the person you’re dating. This format can be used to determine their preferences on anything from date ideas to their love language.

    6. Name That Song

    Sending voice memos of you singing songs for the other to guess would be a fun text game to play if you and your boo are comfortable being goofy together. You can be as simple or as complicated as you want, and there will be plenty of laughter — regardless of your vocal ability.

    7. Truth Or Dare

    Everyone has had a few good games of “truth or dare” in their lives, so turning it into a flirty game is simple. Play this game before or during a date, and send flirty “dare” texts to them from across the table.

    8. Two Truths & A Lie

    “Two truths and a lie” is a fun way to see who knows each other better, or to make the first move with your crush. Your “lies” can be made up, and your “truth” could be “I think [your crush’s name] and I should get a drink soon.”

    9. Read My Lips

    Mute your phone and record a video or story about a common phrase you use. Make your friend guess what you said. Mouth something and send a video, or mute it; the goal is to figure out what you’re saying. If they get it right, they win; if they get it wrong, you win.

    10. The Game of Abbreviations

    This text game can be as quick or as ridiculous as you want it to be, and it’s a great way to bring up any inside jokes you and your partner have. Simply choose a phrase or sentence and string together only the first letter of each. See if your crush can figure out what you’ve typed — the more flirtatious, the better.

    11. Question By Number

    Remember those high school Facebook “pick a number” question lists? Try remembering those days with your crush. Make (or simply Google) a numbered list of juicy questions and take turns picking a number to answer.

    12. How Alike Are We?

    To begin, select a topic. For instance, favourite food. You each have 30 seconds to list your favourite foods, and you must send each other texts on the count of 30 seconds. See how many similar responses you get. If you try to build a relationship with someone, you will quickly discover how closely your opinions align!

    13. Strip Trivia

    Play a round or two of strip trivia with your boo if you want to get a little spicy (and if you both agree). This involves sending each other tricky trivia questions, and each time someone answers incorrectly, they must remove one piece of clothing. When one person has reached the agreed-upon level of undress, they must send a selfie.

    14. I Spy

    “I Spy/Eye Spy” is another classic game that can be taken to a whole new level with text. What you can do is tell your friend your location (make sure they’re also familiar with the area), then choose something you know will be difficult for them to guess.

    Then, when it’s your turn, your friend can do the same. This game is also ideal if one of you is travelling to another location, allowing your connection to transcend geographical boundaries.

    15. Rhymes

    This is yet another entertaining text-based game. You can begin with a single word or a phrase. The other player must respond with a word or phrase that rhymes with the first. Players continue to go back and forth until one of them cannot think of a rhyme.


    If you have followed this guide very well, I am pretty sure you now have a fair idea of some fun and flirty games to play over text with your partner.

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