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Church Members Captured Bowing Down To Touch Obinim’s 6-year-Old Daughter


If you really want to see some of the wonders of the world, then Bishop Daniel Obinim’s church is the place to be.

The founder and general overseer of International God’s Way Ministries Angel Obinim keep dominating headlines due to his weird manner of performing miracles and ‘absurd’ doctrines.

In a latest video sighted by BrownGH.com, his church members were seen scrambling to touch the feet of his 6-year-old daughter called Angel.

In the video, Angel Obinim could be seen standing beside his daughter as the church members rushed towards his daughter to bow down and touch the feet of the little girl during a recent church service.

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The video suggested that Bishop Obinim might have imparted his prophetic and angelic powers to his daughter.

The controversial pastor has received several bashings after the video went viral primarily for deceiving his church members.

The video of Church members bowing down to the feet of Obinim’s daughter comes shortly after he(Obinim) turned his 12-year-old son called Gifted into a prophet and Angel.

Just last week a video surfaced on the internet where Obinim ‘metamorphosed’ his son into a prophet.

In the video, Obinim called his son in front of the congregation and after prayed for him for the impartation of his angelic and prophetic power to bestow on him.

Just after Obinim prayed for his son, he started speaking in tongues and was asked by his father to take over his ‘Prophetic hour’ where he made revelations about the church members.

The 12-year-old proved that he is indeed the son of Angel Obinim as he made lots of prophecies to the amazement of the congregation.

Gifted followed the instructions of his father as he continued to make several prophecies and wonders.

The church members cheered him up as he kept making some prophecies on them.

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