Trouble at Legon as parents storm campus with pregnant daughter to attack student responsible


    There was chaos at the University of Ghana Legon campus as the parents of a lady allegedly dragged her to the school in search of the student responsible for her pregnancy.

    In a video circulating on social media and seen by, the parents were seen parading their daughter on the university campus.

    They were seen storming a lecture hall where it was believed that the student who impregnated their daughter was located.

    Other students who were around had converged at the place amid shout and cheers.

    They were heard chanting “Weremu, weremu, weremu”, an Akan language which means “enter”, urging the parents to enter the lecture halls to apprehend the student.

    The mother of the pregnant girl was seen pushing the guy hard as he opened his hands to gesture that he was innocent.

    This adds to the recent scandals that have rocked the university.

    Two lectures, Dr. Butakor and Professor Gyampo, have been interdicted for allegedly indulging in “sex for grades”.

    This follows a BBC investigative report which suggested that the lectures were sleeping with female students for grades.

    However, report indicates that the viral video was a product of a school experiment.

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