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Agriculture Courses In KNUST


If you are a prospective applicant looking for the available agriculture courses in KNUST, this post is for you.

In this short post, we will list the agriculture courses available at KNUST, minimum requirements and the course outline for the undergraduate agriculture programme.

Undergraduate Agriculture Courses In Ghana

  • BSc Agriculture (Economics Option)
  • BSc Agriculture (Extension Option)
  • BSc Agribusiness Management

Postgraduate Agriculture Courses Offered At KNUST

  • MPhil/PhD Agricultural Economics
  • MSc/MPhil/PhD Agribusiness Management
  • MSc/MPhil/PhD Agricultural Extension and Development Communication
  • MPhil Sustainable and Integrated Rural Development in Africa

MSc Agribusiness Management is available on IDL mode.

Course Outline For Undergraduate Agriculture Courses At KNUST

Prospective applicants who want to have a fair view of the course outline for the undergraduate agricultural courses at KNUST.

Undergraduate Courses under BSc Agribusiness Management:

Year 1 ABM 151: Introduction to Agriculture ABM 152: Foundation Agriculture
ABM 153: Farm Records Mgt. & Accounting ABM 154: Agribusiness Finance
ABM 155: Agribusiness Law ABM 156: Business Comm. and Customer Relations
ABM 157: Principles of Agribusiness Management ABM 158: Agribusiness Accounting, Auditing & Taxation
CS 157: Arable Crop Production and Management AGEC 152: Economics for Agriculture &Natural Recourses
AE 157  Farm Power and Machinery Management AGEC 154: Statistics for Agriculture& Natural Resources
ENGL 157: Communication Skills  I ABM 160: Apiculture
MATH 157: Algebra ENGL 158: Communication Skills  II
Year 2 ABM 251: Agribusiness Planning and Analysis ABM 252: Agribusiness Risk and Resource Management
ABM 253: Introduction to Macroeconomics ABM 254: Principles of Marketing
AGEC 253: Computer Applications in Agriculture ABM 256: Cost and Accounting Management
AE 291  Irrigation Systems Management AGEC 254: Rural Sociology
CS 257: Crop Protection AS 254  Poultry Production and Management
CS 259: Sustainable Land Management AS 256  Micro Livestock Production
HORT 255: Seed Science and Technology CS 352: Plantation and Industrial Crop Production Mgt.
ENGL 263: Literature in English I HORT    254: Ornamental Nurseries and Nursery Mgt.
LAW 265: Land Law I ENGL 264: Literature in English II
Year 3* ABM 351: Agric. Trade & Policy in Dev. Country ABM 352: Financial Analysis
ABM 353: Marketing in Agribusiness ABM 354: Agricultural Produce Export Management
ABM 355: Research Methods for Agribusiness ABM 356: Supply Chain Management
AGEC 351: Extension Comm. & Teaching Methods ABM 358: Management Information System
AE 260: Processing & Preservation of Agric. Produce ABM 360: Quantitative Methods for Agribusiness Mgt.
AS 351  Cattle, Sheep and Goat Production ABM 364: Agricultural Cooperatives
FSA 353: Principles and Practices of Aquaculture AS 352: Swine Production
HORT 351: Fruit Crop Production and Management HORT 352: Vegetable Crop Production
Year 4 ABM 451: International Agribusiness ABM 452: Production/Operations Management
ABM 453: Marketing Management ABM 454: Strategic Agribusiness Management
ABM 455: Vertical Coordination in Agri-Food System ABM 456: Entrepreneurship
ABM 457: Food Safety and Quality Standards ABM 458: Project Appraisal and Management
AS 455  Meat Science & Animal Products Processing ABM 460: Financial Management
HORT 451: Landscape Design and Construction ABM 462: Human Resource Management
ABM 491: Seminar I ABM 492: Seminar II
ABM 493: Student Project I ABM 494: Student Project II

* Students shall undertake practical attachment with selected agribusiness institutions during the long vacation at the end of Year Three and shall submitted a report in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the BSc Agribusiness Management Programme. 

Admission Requirements / Cut Off Point for Degree in Agriculture in KNUST

An applicant for admission to a degree Programme in the University must have CREDITS in the THREE WASSCE/SSSCE Core Subjects (English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science), and CREDITS in THREE WASSCE/SSSCE Elective Subjects or its equivalent relevant to the chosen Programme with aggregate 24 or better (WASSCE: A1- C6/SSSCE A-D).


We believe that we have explained in detail every necessary information you need to know about the agriculture courses offered at KNUST, admission requirements and the minimum cut off point.

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