Voters’ register: UG survey bias, bogus – Mornah

    Voters Register
    Bernard Mornah is the convener of the group

    The interparty resistance against a new voters register has rejected research by the University of Ghana’s Political Science Department which says that over 60% of Ghanaians want a new register.

    The research conducted in December 2019 sampled 27,500 persons across the 16 regions.

    The group has, however, described the research in its entirety as bias, bogus and devoid of merit on the basis that the survey was conducted by appointees of the ruling NPP and sponsored by a capitalist organization.

    A spokesperson for the group and chairperson of the PNC Bernard Mornah speaking on the Starr Midday News with Regina Borley Bortey Wednesday said the research will not be accepted by the group.

    “This is one of the most bogus research that has ever been conducted. This is a research that was conducted around December 2019 when the issue of the new voters’ register was not topical. And therefore the question as to if you conduct the research today because the pros and cons of the new voters’ register were not brought to the media and were not brought to the attention of the people of Ghana.”

    He further noted “secondly this is a research that has just been done by the appointees of Nana Addo’s government. We are talking about MMDCE’s. Obviously MMDCE’s are all members of the NPP. Even to the extent that 21% of them indicate that they do not support the call for a new voters register should tell you that if proper research was done, it would not amount to this.”

    “The third thing that we want to raise in this matter is that ‘what is the interest of the institution that is funding the research’? Every one of us knows that it is the right-wing political foundation from Germany. That in Ghana in particular, they have supported only the New Patriotic Party and no other political party,” he added.

    He ended his submission by saying “Conrad Adenauer Foundation supports only activities of the NPP because it is a capitalist organization. So if they go to the University of Ghana and find capitalist grouping and then they sponsor them, what do you expect the outcome to be. This is a very bogus, bias research that has come, and it has no merit. This is even a research that has been done by the appointees of the NPP and the methodology is questionable, the sample is questionable, the sample location is even questionable.”