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UG STS Students Portal Login

UG STS Students Portal Login

The UG STS Students portal is an online portal for University of Ghana students to be able to access all relevant academic activities., UG STS stands for University of Ghana Students/Staff Services. The steps below will help you to log in successfully;

  1. Enter ug.edu.gh/services in your website search
  2. Select “Student” or “Staff.”
  3. Enter your student ID or staff ID
  4. Enter your PIN
  5. Click on “Login”.

University of Ghana – STS UG Portal 

STS is a relevant portal for the University of Ghana students. It helps them to have access to services below;

  • Course/Lecture evaluation
  • Medical examination
  • Exam schedules
  • Academic Calendar
  • Submit complaints, etc.

The STS portal has other features such as;

  • Herc registration
  • Making payments (internship fees, residential fees, academic fees)
  • Register for resits
  • Gown collection registration
  • Student Loan Trust Fund consent form
  • Medical services

The STS Portal also contains links that lead to your;

  • MIS Web
  • Library
  • Student mail
  • UG Sakai

Staff and students who miss up or do not remember their PIN should reset their staff or student portal.


In conclusion, STS is a relevant portal for the University of Ghana students, and it helps them have access to various appropriate portals.

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