Students React To ‘Sex for Grades’ Documentary


    The documentary “sex for grades” released by the BBC Africa Eye on Monday has sparked different reactions from students.

    Some students are not surprised as sexual harassment in exchange for academic favours are rife on university campuses.

    Others are, however, surprised by the revelation contained in the documentary since they cannot connect the elevated impression they have of their lecturers to the debased revelations contained in the documentary.

    A third-year student of the University of Ghana, Legon, after viewing excerpts of the documentary, which implicated her lecturer said “…I didn’t expect this from him. I am surprised because he seems too strict for that.”

    Footage of University of Ghana lecturers was broadcast on Monday as part of a documentary by the BBC’s Africa Eye investigative unit, exposing sexual harassment and misconduct by lecturers at prestigious institutions in West Africa.

    Two Ghanaian lecturers who were secretly filmed sexually harassing undercover BBC reporters have been suspended pending an investigation.

    The suspensions follow similar action against two lecturers in Nigeria, who were also filmed by the BBC.

    University of Ghana lecturers Ransford Gyampo and Dr Paul Kwame Butakor propositioned journalists posing as students for a BBC documentary.

    Both Professor Gyampo and Dr Butakor denied any wrongdoing.

    The University of Ghana said Professor Gyampo and Dr Butakor had been called to appear before a committee to give evidence.

    Some students blamed female students as the ones who deliberately lure lecturers with gifts or voluntarily offer their bodies in exchange for a free academic pass.

    A student said, “there are some girls who are lazy, eager and willing to have such an opportunity.”

    According to the University of Ghana Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy, “a student’s  ‘voluntary’ participation in a sexual relationship with an individual in a position of power does not on its own demonstrates the conduct was welcome.”


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