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Striker of Beast of No Nation Moves from Grace to Grass


The fate of Striker, the young Ghanaian citizen who played a pivotal role to earn the success of this Hollywood’s movie titled Beast Of No Nation is now from grace to grass.

On Monday 20th August 2018, a student from Ghana Institute of Journalism, named, Caleb Nii Boye saw this young actor who was seriously begging on the streets of Accra and these are the words the actor opined to the media that same day.

Striker said, I have lost my parents and have no interest in going back to school.

He added, I am eligible to earn a percent of the movie I featured after the sales from Netflix, but I have received not even a 0.1 Dollar of it.

It must be noted that, the young boy was paid 10,000 cedis from a movie he also acted but according to him his manager told him he used that money to buy a suit for him. This trigers to ask, where on earth?

Striker also said, a gentleman who bears the name Zoory from USA received my payment of the movie Beast Of No Nation. Where was his manager who used 10,000 cedis to buy a suit?

He told the media that he just want a job and access to the money he was told is at the bank because he is now eighteen. Let’s not forget, a guy called Robert said I will get the money at this age, he said.

This young actor has the intention of using the money to do investment but the central question is, where is the money he must have received from the movie he acted.

We will bring you more details as we follow this incident critically to find justice for our very own Ghanaian.

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Story By: Lamer the Poet/ Successafrica.Info

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