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Social Media and Mental Health

Social Media and Mental Health

Social Media has become one of the relevant routines of our lives. Most people spend about 8 hours of their time on social media. This shows how much our lives have been affected by it.

But the question remains; How does social media affect our lives either positively or negatively? From research, social media has affected many people’s mental health thus making it difficult for them to recover from such scars due to the consistent use of the platform.

Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook and many more have become an unsafe space for many individuals.

Majority of the pressure to be the best even when you are the best has become something very dangerous in the lives of most people. On most occasions, due to the social media pressure, most individuals try to do things to fit into the social media society making the social, economic, political ideologies of most people sway to what they deem as a ”norm”.

This has made a lot of people lose themselves in the process of fitting into the criteria that social media has set for them.

This has raised insecurities in most people making them lose control of their mental health through bullying on social media, normalization of social media lifestyles etc.

It is rather unfortunate that most individuals try to adapt to these norms just to gain recognition on these platforms.

This has caused several people to go the extra miles to get the kind of lifestyle that is recognised by resorting to the borrowing of money just to get a rich lifestyle to live by all in the name of getting many followers.

In other instances, the pressure of being in a relationship has caused several people to make hasty decisions in being in relationships as well.

All these factors contribute to the negative impacts of social media on our mental health.

Furthermore, social media has caused a lot of infiltrations in many values of diverse countries since the global community as it goes has set its values and norms which contradicts several groups values.

Causing these pressures on people to choose between being socially accepted or embracing their all time values.

The mere fact of gaining many followers when we adopt the values on social media has inflicted a lot of harms on many people mental health since they will feel like an outcast without adopting them.

In as much as these social media platforms have caused a lot of impacts on our mental health, values and many more, we can learn to live to avoid all these negativities.

To begin with, we need to learn to psyche our minds on not being influenced by whatever social media projects considering prioritising our values more.

This means that, whenever we come across anything which contradicts our values, we should try as much as possible to understand and weigh out which of those is best suited for us and not what everyone considers to be a norm especially in cases where several likes and followers are termed to be the metric for what is good and pleasant or otherwise.

Moreover, we can only heal ourselves of these negativities on our mental health if we live according to our means on social media and project the real us.

Trying to live as someone else you are not is very dangerous because it can make us lose ourselves in the process of trying to get people to accept you or otherwise.

Therefore since we do not want to be in debt or project a different person other than us just to get many likes or followers, we should try to be ourselves so that we can have a healthy environment out there in this toxic space.

Lastly, we can adjust our schedules on the use of social media by cutting down the number of times we spend out there on these platforms and do something rather productive with our lives.

The fact is social media has grown to become a vital part of our lives which we can’t deny therefore staying out of it is impossible.

The possibility is here is to cut down the number of times you spend there and also the better alternative to not get influenced into doing something which is not worth it is to unfollow individuals who are likely to bully you on these platforms or people who treat you badly especially with their comments and dislikes.

At the end of the day, we end up prioritising a healthy living to a toxic lifestyle liked by all social media people.

We may all agree that it is quite difficult to make all these changes within a short period but after a couple of times of trying, it will be worth it because our mental health and peaceful living are worth than the likes we get.

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