Archbishop Duncan William reacts to son’s obscene outbursts on social media.


    General Overseer of Action Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and his family have reacted to some recent developments concerning their son Daniel Duncan-Williams.

    A statement issued on Tuesday and signed by Bishop Ebenezer Obodai, the Spokesperson for the Archbishop and his family, said Daniel has been battling with acute bipolar disease for the past six years.

    According to the statement, Daniel’s failure to continue his prescribed medication causes him to relapse hence some of his public outbursts which have become topical within the social media space.

    He explained that although some of his conduct during such periods of relapse are obscene and abhorrent, it must be understood that he has a serious illness and “is not of himself.”

    Archbishop Duncan-Williams, according to the statement, asked for prayers for his son.

    Read the full statement below:


    Mental Health: Toll, Tragedies and Hope

    The significance of psychological health has become very personal to Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and his family. Six years ago, Archbishop’s son, Daniel Duncan-Williams, was diagnosed with acute bipolar disease. Through the family, Daniel has undergone the very best medical interventions, treatments and hospitalizations, yet he still experiences relapses when he does not continue on his prescribed medication.

    His outbursts on social media and elsewhere should not be media fodder or click-bait; We acknowledge that the obscenities are abhorrent but understand that he has a serious illness. Daniel is not of himself and he has never been in prison.

    Historically, many mega pastors have all had to deal with their personal family challenges in the public eye and in this same vein, we also ask you to separate “who a person is from their mistakes”. We love Daniel, and we believe God’s mercy turns what was meant for evil to good, for them that love the lord and are called according to his purpose. Daniel also continues to be covered and supported spiritually with intense and consistent prayers.

    The Archbishop has prayed all over the world for nations, leaders, pastors, families, mothers and lay people and at this time, he asks that you join in prayer for Danny and the family. We are believing, with God on our side, that Daniel will come out of this stronger and with a testimony to the glory of God.

    The Archbishop says “this is a test of his faith. In his own words; “I acknowledge the situation my son is in, and I still love him…please pray for us…. “Love covers a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8

    The Archbishop and his family continue to stand firm in their faith believing God for Daniel’s full deliverance, healing and restoration. We ask that you please respect their privacy as they navigate through this trying time.

    Psalms 3:3. But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.

    Bishop Ebenezer Obodai

    Spokesperson forArchbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and family.