4 Reasons Why Most Girls Say No To Your Proposal

    Reasons Why Most Girls Say No To Your Proposal
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    It is quite interesting how we find one person attractive, and we would love to be with the person regardless of any other reasons.

    This peculiar issue occurs to almost everyone and if you are here to know the content of this message, it clearly shows that you are a victim of this situation of catching feelings for a particular girl who you can’t get over but quite, unfortunately, she doesn’t feel the same way about you.

    In most scenarios of such rejections, it is not based on what you did or what your impression had on her but rather she is either not ready for any relationships or she has her fears which they call ”insecurities” either in the past or probably in herself that she wants to get over with that is why she turned you down.

    In other instances, she finds herself in a position where relationships are not listed in her goals to achieve within that short period.

    The fact is women are complicated beings, and it takes courage and patience to get to understand them more likely you won’t understand them, but you won’t get in their way if you try to adjust to their thoughts and their overall being.

    Now, the question boils down to regardless of all these issues women face, what is the core stance with which girls say a big ”NO” to your proposals?

    It is quite simple and intriguing, but I will put the motives that cause these rejections into four major points.

    Reasons Why Most Girls Say No To Your Proposal

    Below are some reasons why Girls will reject or say no to your proposal;

    Physical Appearance and dress code

    The first issue is what your physical appearance looks like. Women or girls are very sensitive to these matters since they get attracted to what they see first even before other things matter.

    That is why a girl will prefer tall, muscular, healthy, nicely toned skin and neat haircut and nails, and a very impressive dress code over a lean, sickly, ruffian dress code and childish attitude.

    It’s not their fault because every guy too won’t prefer a woman who is not good-looking and neatly dressed, therefore if you get rejected for no reason by women, I would advise that you check your physical appearance and how you dress.

    Girls mostly equate bad dressing to unseriousness and ”playboy” or nonetheless they regard you as immature, and you wouldn’t want to be addressed as such by the woman you are desperate to be with.

    Lastly, most guys turn out to have a cold face in their first impressions of girls in a way to seem serious, which is very wrong since they interpret it into something different altogether. Girls love men with a great sense of humor.

    You may not have a great sense of humor, but being serious and angry is not going to help you out. Therefore, working on your physical appearance and dress code will go a long way to fix things for you.

    First impression

    Girls love people who make very interesting conversations. You can’t be boring and still expect her to give you a heavy laugh or an impressive smile.

    Having bad conversations which do not depict productivity or a sense of smartness makes you look dumb and naive to her. She may regard you as uncertain about yourself in such instances since you give her the idea to think that way.

    And no girl would want to spend a period of her life with a boring, uninteresting, dump dude to a smart, intelligent, focused gentleman.

    The latter always wins. Since you don’t want your talk to make her sleep, you may find sci-fi topics or topics that are intellectual or at times very fascinating and funny just to steer the conversation.

    Clash in interest and goals

    When a guy proposes to a lady, one of the vital things she looks for is a similar interest that runs between both of you and also relatable goals which seek to be beneficial to both parties.

    If there is a clash in such instances, there is no second thought in saying a big ”NO” to you.

    That is why it is very prudent to ask the girl questions about what she wants to do in the future, her goals, and her interests in order not to be the only person speaking about her goals because in such instances she makes mental notes on what she can relate to concerning your interests and goals.

    Therefore, I would advise that you always engage her on what she wants and her goals so that you can adjust to them. A very useful trick to win a girl over.

    Unclear intentions

    In your quest to win a girl’s heart, make sure that you make your intentions as clear as possible because girls are very sensitive, and they easily make meanings to unclear points.

    Therefore, if you want her to understand you better, then you have to do better with starting your intentions clearly through your actions and words. Contradicting your actions to your intent may likely cause a loss at a shot at winning her over.

    As a guy, you may want to be intimate with her because you can’t get over her, which may cause you to try to seduce her and stare at her like a creep unintentionally.

    Notice that at this point she may conclude that all you want to do with her is to just have sex and then dump her, which may not be the truth.

    Therefore, I advise that making your intentions clear about your actions is as important as practicing your beliefs since at the end of the day you are practicing what you believe in, not otherwise.

    Also, try to cut down your level of dominance and avoid making her inferior. It is a very negative thing to do if you want to win a girl over.

    With all these remarks on how to avoid further ”NO” in your upcoming or ”yet to do” proposals, it will be prudent and necessary to apply all these if only you know the girl is also interested in you because without love or interest it will be difficult to impress her in the first place with all of these.

    I wish you luck with all your shots and don’t mess things up! Good luck.

    What to do if a girl says no to your proposal?

    We know it is difficult when a girl says no to your proposal. Yelling at them, getting angry, or feeling entitled to a yes will not help persuade them to marry you – quite the opposite.

    Stay classy and try to be understanding of their feelings, and respect their decision.


    In this article, we explained the reasons why girls say no to your proposal.

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