Saeed Nazir Plans To Reinstate His Outreach Program Amidst Covid-19


    Saeed Mohammed Nazir Dahourou, a presidential aspirant in this year’s Faculty of Social Sciences Department elections has reiterated his commitment to continue his outreach initiative despite the hardship caused by the novel coronavirus.

    Saeed Mohammed Nazir Dahourou is a student advocate in the  Faculty of Social Science at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology who is poised on preaching the good message.

    Nazir has over the past few years organized an outreach that seeks to orient and educate students in both Senior and Junior High schools.saeed-nazir-plans-to-reinstate-his-outreach-program-amidst-covid-19

    In his manifesto reading on Wednesday 2nd June 2021, he indicated he believe the little ones need to be empowered; they need to be enlightened more on pursuing higher education, a drive which has influenced his decision to bring back his outreach program.

    He added that most of these young ones lack basic insight on what is ahead and as such need to be apprised. He further said that the few who are privileged to apply have little or no knowledge about the program they choose.saeed-nazir-plans-to-reinstate-his-outreach-program-amidst-covid-19

    He made clear how significant this outreach is as it informs the decision of many young students in and around the Region.

    He believes that when given the nod as the next Faculty president, His administration can broaden the scope of the program to reach many schools and students.

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