Student Dies Whiles Busy Studying For His Upcoming Exams


    A law student identified as Hillary has met his untimely death after he spotted by some friends busily studying for his upcoming examination.

    The body of the deceased was found this morning inside the Faculty of Law’s common room.

    According to sources, the cause of death they believe is due to excessive night reading and consumption of caffeine-based stimulants that prevents him from sleeping during his study period.

    Due to the death of the student, the Vice-Chancellor of the institution ordered the common room locked until further notice.

    It is mostly a common practice to see students studying late into the night prior to an exam in most of our institutions.

    We wish to advise our readers who are schooling to be wary of how they overstudy and take in stimulants just to be awake in other to burn the candles and pass their exams.

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