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Who Is Who, Who,Who Wears The Crown?


Story By: Lamer The Poet

Edutainment consult draws the curtains down on MISS SHS ASHANTI 2018.

Hard was the journey but never will a man born by sweat at night or day resides forever on this land. Time for everything.

The short listed potential Queens have a nut to crack this Friday, 17th August, 2018 at exactly four o’clock prompt at the premises of Kumasi Technical University then K.Poly.

To avoid posterity judging us of not being able to leave a legacy note of news on this beautiful pageant, we took effort to dive deep into the aspirations and what each of the contestants stand for and believe me it was an interesting time with these eagles of Ghana and Ashanti to be precise.

Meet Theresah Assibey 18 years of age, from St. Monica’s SHS. She weeps to the news headlines on the sudden death of the energetic young citizens of Ghana who are passing away like a flower due to sexually transmitted diseases. Theresah believes if much education is done about this killer, we will have rest for such news so, that is her project.

Washing our hands in the house we saw Sakina Nkrumah from Adventist Girls’ SHS. We thought we will go spiritual to sing hymns or even call the name of Allah but what we heard from her was beautiful. She is working on a project called, Revival Of Campus Sick Bay. She told our crew what happens when the school bays are inactive and it was sad to see showers of tears from her eyes. Indeed we must rekindle our bays and purchase first aid apparatus to institutions who do not have sick bays, she concluded.

After weeping with the lady from Adventist, we tried to get some cheerful heart to rest on. Later did we know Joyce Naa-Bele from Supreme College was agitating on the Effects of Social Media in SHS. We were quick to listen, she said, what will be the fate of the Free shs student or the double track student if he or she spends much time to tweet, WhatsApp, snap and watch pornography online without reading Ananse In the Land of Idiots?
She said, this is the project she is working on, to educate them on the effects of social media.

She was hiding her charming smiles and stunning face from us but we managed to speak to her. From Osei Kyeretwie SHS we had Bridget Kwartemaa working on Students Violence. When super zonals gets tough, I believe you know what happens likewise when something not swanky tunes in the school, you know what happens. She said she will help resolve such situations and create a free environment for pupils from Osei Tutu SHS, Kumasi Technical Institute and Kings College not to be afraid of each other. It was a statement that took everyone behind the camera aback.

A voice from no where bounced like a light on a smooth surface came in, she said, some of the puipil do not have clean environment and that affects their relationship with other schools which sometimes makes them indulge in violent reactions and the whole crew asked HOW? She gave a beautiful submission but left us in suspense.
She is Erica Pomaa Appiah from Akwasi Oppong SHS.
We look to see Friday.

Is sad if you pay your parents with a charming prince or princess in your teenage stage. From Effiduase SHS, Paulina Kyeremeh to embark on Teenage Pregnancy.

Notwithstanding, we spoke to Jacqueline Fosua from Kumasi Girls’ SHS and she is working on Healthy Menstrual Cycle. I do rather say nothing. This Friday will be memorable day.

Another contestant from Kumasi Girls’ SHS named Frederica Darkowaa Eden is working to help minimize and authorize movement in SHS. She believes there can be strong task to monitor the movements of students on campus and outside.

Bridget Nana Adjoa Collins from St. Monica’s SHS told us she is embarking on Students and Drug Abuse(TRAMADOL). She thinks about the strength of the youth today so she said she will move to every corner to spread the good news of not abusing this drug.

Beautiful twelve potential Queens, where are the remaining two.
Patience Acheampong from Amaniampong SHS told us about Child Labour and what she intends to do when she wears the crown.

Our last potential Queen was…

We live to tell her story this Friday.

Do not miss this maiden edition.
17th August at Kumasi Technical University.

The nut to crack is WHO IS WHO, WHO, WHO WEARS THE CROWN?

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