KNUST:’ Our Demo Won’t Be In Vain’, Student’s Demand Withdrawal of Mid-Sem Act By Parliamentary Council.

    KNUST Cut-Off Point For 2020/2021

    Students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has mounted pressure on the Hunvilla-led Parliamentary council of the SRC to withdraw the MId-Sem Act.

    The midsem break was part of a number of reasons students from the prestigious university demonstrated massively in the previous year. Hence the students bemoans that the demonstration would have been in vain if this act is upheld.

    Scores of students on twitter and other social media has voiced their displeasure with the act and they remain resolute that their demonstration will not be in vain.


    What is the Midsem Break Act(MSB Act 2019)?

    The MSB Act was passed by the parliamentary council to ensure that students are guaranteed midsem breaks after their midsem exams every semester.

    Although laudable at first sight, the act however contains a clause that states that all students association week celebrations be held in a single week.

    What are the components of the MSB Act?

    1. There shall be a midsem break after midsem exams
    2. The break for the first semester shall be used for College week celebrations and that of the second semester used for hall week celebrations.
    3. Amendment of the act can only be done by parliament.


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