iPhones That Won’t Support WhatsApp


    The social media giant, WhatsApp, has hinted on the list of iPhones that won’t support WhatsApp from November 2021.

    In this post, we highlight iPhones that won’t support WhatsApp.

    Millions use WhatsApp to communicate with their loved ones and with such a platform with a huge number, you can imagine how life would be for some people without a day’s connection.

    The world became a bit boring a few days ago when three of the major social media platforms experienced an outage.

    According to reports, the app will not be compatible with both some Apple Phones and Android phones because of their models. Affected users are expected to buy new phones or upgrade their phone’s software.

    The publication says that more than 40 different smartphone models will not be able to support WhatsApp, and the deadline for updating the software is November 1.

    In order to use WhatsApp, Android users will need to be using Android 4.1 or later, while iPhone users will need to be on iOS 10 or later, the publication said.

    Below are the phones that won’t support WhatsApp from November 2021.

    iPhones That Won’t Support WhatsApp

    Below are the affected iPhones that won’t support WhatsApp as announced by the Social Media giant;

    • iPhone 5
    • iPhone 6S Plus
    • iPhone SE


    The above are the Apple Phones devices that the social media giant, WhatsApp, has hinted to be incompatible with its App from November.

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