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How To Access Your E-payslip Online 


If you are a government worker under the Controller and Accountants General Department and wants to know how to access your e-payslip online, this article will be of help to you.

The Electronic Payslip is also known as the e-payslip. It is a soft copy system designed by Ghana’s Controller and Accountant General’s Department for all Ghanaian workers to access their payslip wherever and whenever.

This intelligent system is designed for workers to have easy access to their payslip. You can access your payslip from anywhere, either on your mobile phone or any computer with internet connection.

Kindly note that to be able to access your e-payslip, you must register for an account first. We have a dedicated page to guide to register for an account right now.

How To Access Your E-payslip Online 

As a worker recognized by  the Accountant General’s Department, you can access your epayslip with either a mobile device or laptop.  To access your e-payslip, follow the steps below;

  1. Visit http://wwwgogpayslip.com/ after successfully creating your account with the steps above.
  2. Enter your employee number and password to log in
  3. You will be granted access to the payslips
  4. First, click on My payslip and select the month you want to download or print the payslip
  5. Click on generate, scroll up to the save or print button on top of the page.
  6. Click on save or print the month’s payslips you chose or want.


This article highlighted all you need to know about accessing your e-payslip online in Ghana.

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