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How Striker’s Manager Shamelessly took Gh¢ 2,000 From Yaa Baby And Her Team


How Striker’s Manager Shamelessly took Gh¢ 2,000 From Yaa Baby And Her Team

Christians in the world will tell you biblically, there is time for everything, by quoting precisely from Ecclessiates chapter 3:1. So is it time for secret dealings about Mawuko Kuadzi, the C.E.O of MK Content, a talent management company, film and television package development to be brought to light?

According to information from Shatta Media, they contacted Mawuko to cast Striker on a TV series they intended to produce which eventually was did not come to fruition.

They said, Mawuko charged an initial amount of 12,000 cedis with the following as requirements in case the production rolls.

-Private Vehicle
-Private Teacher
-Personal Driver.

It must be taken into consideration that these requirements are the basic ones he made and they were into the welfare of Striker, according to the man who allegedly bought a suit for 10,000 cedis.
The demand for commodity A was surely going to affect the supply of commodity B.

Speaking to Director Kofi of Shatta Media, he said, they bargained for the price to a maximum of 8,000 cedis aside these requirements and transportation fare which Mawuko Kuadzi said they should pay 600 cedis but they paid 300 cedis after negotiations.

In their quest to move on with production, Director Kofi Awuah tells us they planned a press conference to launch the said series but before that, Mawuko had already taken 1000 cedis and after the conference, an envelope of 1000 cedis was given to him as well. First half of the money was paid through mobile money likewise the transportation fare from Cape Coast to Accra.

Now at the press conference, Director Kofi Awuah noticed some awkward behaviors of Striker but thought it was just an aspect of his life.

Shatta Media was not able to comply fully to the requirements Mawuko Kuadzi was demanding so they decided to sideline Striker and stick to Adwoa Smart, Too Thoozin, Sister Derby and the others they had, who were demanding for less.

Where then was the money they paid initial, go?
According to Director Kofi Awuah of Shatta TV series, he sent Mawuko a text message via WhatsApp to kindly take 500cedis of the 2,000 and for their troubles and refund 1,500cedis to them since they are not casting Striker anymore. He agreed but said, they have used the money to cater for the boy so they should give them some time to make the payment.

As it is said, patience moves mountains so they waited.
When the time was due for payment to be made, Mawuko Kuadzi was not telling them anything sensible and was not answering their calls as well. Kofi Awuah and Yaa Baby then filed a report at the East Legon Police Station and the C.E.O came to ask for more time to pay.

Kindly understand that, from November, 2016 till date, the money has still not been paid to Shatta TV series according to source.

Did Striker receive a share of this amount?

Is this trying to support the ideology that Mawuko Kuadzi is totally not helping Striker and is secretly taking money in the name of the boy?

Check the images attached to this story and find out the chats of Director Kofi Awuah and Mawuko Kuadzi and let’s hear your views on the comments section.

Stay tuned as we bring you more details on this story.

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Story By: Lamer The Poet / Successafrica.info

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