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List of Accredited Health Training Institutions In Ghana

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In our guide on health training institutions in Ghana, there is no doubt to admit that Ghana has made remarkable developments in improving its higher learning centres.

Education is becoming increasingly accessible because of the growing number of schools day in and day out.

Currently, students at any level can enrol in an institution of their choice to pursue their dreams.

Unlike the previous years, securing admission in Ghana is not difficult. However, to ensure you land in an institution of your choice, you need to analyze a few of them to get a glimpse of what to expect.

At the senior high school level, every school comes with its demand. Due to that schools are normally ranked in Ghana. Like the case of Senior High Schools, they have been categorized into four parts, Ie, Category A, B, B, C, and D.

Category A, B, and C are various public and private senior high schools while Category D schools are the various technical and vocational schools in the country.

At the Tertiary Level, there are private and public universities as well as various public and private health institutions in Ghana.

Ghana also has several private and public nursing training colleges affiliated with various autonomous universities in Ghana.

Before we get to the list, you can check out the list of our top 10 Nursing Schools in Ghana. 

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List of Accredited Health Training Institutions In Ghana

#Institution NamePrograms OfferedOwnershipLocation (Region)
1University of Ghana, Legon, AccraRGN RCN RMN RM PNStateGREATER ACCRA REGION
2Valley View University, Oyibi, AccraRGN RMN RMPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
3Central University College, MiotsoRGNPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
4St. Karol Sch. of Nursing, Weija, AccraRGNPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
5Pentecost University College, Sowutuom AccraRGN RMPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
6West End University College, Weija AccraRGNPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
7Nursing & Midwifery Training School ,Korle-Bu, AccraRGN RMStateGREATER ACCRA REGION
8Nursing & Midwifery Training School, 37Military, Accra.RGN RMPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
9Western Hills School of Nursing, Accra.RGN NACPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
10Nightingale School of Nursing, Accra.RGNPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
11Narh Bita College , TemaRGN RM NACPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
12Nurses Training College, Pantang.RMNStateGREATER ACCRA REGION
13Nursing & Midwifery Training College, Pantang.RM NACStateGREATER ACCRA REGION
14Nursing & Midwifery Training College, Teshie.RGN RM NACStateGREATER ACCRA REGION
15Martin Luther Health Training School,NACPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
16Family Health University College School of Nursing and Midwifery, Teshie- Nungua, AccraRGN RM NACPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
17Health Concern Ghana, AccraNACPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
18Nyaniba Health Assistant Training School, TemaNACPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
19Ophthalmic Nursing School, Korle-BuOPNStateGREATER ACCRA REGION
20Critical Care Nursing & Peri Operative Nursing SchoolCCN PONStateGREATER ACCRA REGION
21Public Health Nurses Training School, Korle-BuRCN PHNStateGREATER ACCRA REGION
22Golden Sunbeam International College of Science and Technology, Ayikuma-AccraPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
23Ghana Christian University College, Adenta-AccraRGNPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
24Wisconsin International University College, AccraRGN RCN RMPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
25Oak City International College Madina-AccraRGNPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
26Knutsford University CollegeRGNPrivateGREATER ACCRA REGION
28Presby University College AgogoRGN RM MIDPrivateASHANTI REGION
29Christian Service University College ,KumasiRGN RMPrivateASHANTI REGION
30Garden City University College, Kumasi (Dip. & BSc)RGN RMPrivateASHANTI REGION
31Presby Nursing and Midwifery Training College , AgogoRGN RMStateASHANTI REGION
32Nursing & Midwifery Training College , KumasiRGN RM MIDStateASHANTI REGION
33SDA Nurses Training College, ,KwadasoRGN RMStateASHANTI REGION
34Premier School of Nursing, Moshie Zongo-KumasiRGN RM NACPrivateASHANTI REGION
35Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Ashanti MampongRGN RM NAC MIDStateASHANTI REGION
36Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Maase OffinsoRGN RMStateASHANTI REGION
37Midwifery Training School Jaachie PramsoRM MIDStateASHANTI REGION
38Samlee Nursing and Midwifery Training College, KumasiNAC MIDPrivateASHANTI REGION
39Community Health Nurses Training School FomenaRCN NAP MIDPrivateASHANTI REGION
40Nurses Training College, KokofuRGN NACStateASHANTI REGION
41Nursing and Midwifery Training College, TepaRGN RM NACStateASHANTI REGION
42ENT Nurses Training School, KumasiENTStateASHANTI REGION
43Abot College of Health Sciences and Technology, KumasiPrivateASHANTI REGION
44College of Integrated Healthcare, ObuasiRMPrivateASHANTI REGION
45Ghana Baptist University College, KumasiRGNPrivateASHANTI REGION
46Royal Ann College of Health, KumasiRGN RMPrivateASHANTI REGION
47SDA Midwifery Training College, AsamangRM MIDStateASHANTI REGION
48Neumann College, KumasiRGNPrivateASHANTI REGION
49Withrow CollegeRGNPrivateASHANTI REGION
50Manaata School of Midwifery, KumasiRMPrivateASHANTI REGION
51Afia Kobi AmpemRGN RMPrivateASHANTI REGION
52Methodist University College, Wenchi (DIP.)RGNPrivateBONO REGION
53Catholic University College ,FiapreRGNPrivateBONO REGION
54Nursing and Midwifery Training College, SunyaniRGN RM NACStateBONO REGION
55Holy Family Nursing and Midwifery Training College ,BerekumRGN RM MIDStateBONO REGION
56Nursing and Midwifery Training School,Dormaa AhenkroRGN RM MIDStateBONO REGION
57Nurses Training College, SeikwaRGN NACStateBONO REGION
58Nurses Training College, SampaRGNStateBONO REGION
59Nurses Training College, Techiman KroboRGN NAPStateBONO EAST
60Holy Family NMTC, Kenten, TechimanRGN RM MIDStateBONO EAST
61Anglican University College of Technology, NkoranzaRGNPrivateBONO EAST
62Midwifery Training College, yejiRM MIDStateBONO EAST
63Midwifery Training School, GoasoRM MIDStateAHAFO REGION
64Community Health Nurses Training School, TanosoRCN NAP MIDStateAHAFO REGION
65College of Nursing, NtotrosoRGNStateAHAFO REGION
66Nursing Training College, KwapongRGN NACStateAHAFO REGION
67Nursing and Midwifery Training College, DadiesoabaRGN NACStateAHAFO REGION
68Presbyterian Midwifery Training College, Duayaw-NkwantaRMStateAHAFO REGION
69Nursing and Midwifery Training College-,KoforiduaRGN RMStateEASTERN REGION
70Holy Family Nurses Training College, NkawkawRGNStateEASTERN REGION
71Nursing and Midwifery Training School, AtibieRGN RM MIDStateEASTERN REGION
72Community Health Nurses Training School, Akim OdaRCN NAP MIDStateEASTERN REGION
73Nurses Training College, OsiemRGN NACStateEASTERN REGION
74Nursing and Midwifery Training College, AfosuRGN RM NAC MIDPrivateEASTERN REGION
75VRA College of Nursing, AkosomboRGNPrivateEASTERN REGION
76Hopkins Health Training Institute, Akim OdaRGN MIDPrivateEASTERN REGION
77All Nations university CollegeRGN RMPrivateEASTERN REGION
78Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Odumase-KroboNAPStateEASTERN REGION
79University of Health &Allied Sciences, HoRGN RCN RMStateVOLTA REGION
80Nurses Training College, HoRGN RCN NAPStateVOLTA REGION
81Midwifery Training School, HohoeRM MIDStateVOLTA REGION
82Nurses Training College, KetaRGN MIDStateVOLTA REGION
83Modal College, Sgakope (Dip. & BSc)RGNPrivateVOLTA REGION
84Midwifery Training School, Kete KrachiRM MID NACStateOTI REGION
85University of Cape CoastRGNStateCENTRAL REGION
86KAAF University College, KasoaRGNPrivateCENTRAL REGION
87Nursing and Midwifery Training College Cape CoastRGN RM MIDStateCENTRAL REGION
88Nurses Training College, Ankaful, Cape CoastRMN RCMNStateCENTRAL REGION
89Community Health Nurses Training College, WinnebaRCN NAPStateCENTRAL REGION
90Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Twifo PrasoRGN RCN RM MIDStateCENTRAL REGION
91Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Dunkwa -On-OffinRGN RM NAC MIDStateCENTRAL REGION
92BIMAKS College of Business and Health Sciences, Agona SwedruRGNPrivateCENTRAL REGION
93Godfery Memorial Midwifery Training School, ApamMIDPrivateCENTRAL REGION
94Nursing and Midwifery Training College SekondiRGN RMStateWESTERN REGION
95Midwifery Training School, TarkwaRGN RM MIDStateWESTERN REGION
96Nursing and Midwifery Training College, AsakrangwaRGN RM NAC MIDStateWESTERN REGION
97Community Health Nurses Training College, EsiamaRCN NAP MIDStateWESTERN REGION
98Nursing and Midwifery Training College, AsantaRGN RM NAC MIDStateWESTERN REGION
99Porters College, SONRGNPrivateWESTERN REGION
100Bibiani College of Health ScienceRCNStateWESTERN NORTH
101Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Sefwi WiawsoRGN NACStateWESTERN NORTH
102College of Health , Sefwi AsafoRCNStateWESTERN NORTH
103University for Development Studies, TamaleRGN RM ENStateNORTHERN REGION
104Nursing and Midwifery Training School, TamaleRGN RM MIDStateNORTHERN REGION
105Community Health Nurses Training School, TamaleRCN NAPStateNORTHERN REGION
106Midwifery Training School, GusheguRM NAC MIDStateNORTHERN REGION
107Technical University College, Tamale (BSC & DIP)RGNPrivateNORTHERN REGION
108New Life College, TamaleRMPrivateNORTHERN REGION
109Nursing and Midwifery Training College, YendiRGN RMN NACStateNORTH EAST REGION
110Nursing and Midwifery Training College, NaleriguRGN RM NACStateNORTH EAST REGION
111Community Health Nurses Training School, BoleRCN NAP MIDStateSAVANNA REGION
112Nursing and Midwifery Training College, KpembeRGN RM NAC NAPStateSAVANNA REGION
113Nurses Training College, DamongoRGN NACStateSAVANNA REGION
114Nurses Training College BolgatangaRGNStateUPPER EAST
115Presbyterian Nurses Training College, BawkuRGNStateUPPER EAST
116Nursing and Midwifery Training College, ZuarunguRGN NACStateUPPER EAST
117Midwifery Training School, BolgatangaRMStateUPPER EAST
118Community Health Nurses Training College, NavrongoRCN NAPStateUPPER EAST
119Nurses Training College, JirapaRGNStateUPPER WEST REGION
120Midwifery Training School, Jirapa.RM MIDStateUPPER WEST REGION
121Midwifery Training School, TumuRM MIDStateUPPER WEST REGION
122Midwifery Training School, NandomRM MIDStateUPPER WEST REGION
123Community Health Nurses Training School, JirapaRCN NAPStateUPPER WEST REGION
124Nurses Training College, Wa.RGN NACStateUPPER WEST REGION
125Nurses Training College, Lawra