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Private Teacher Training Colleges In Ghana

Private Teacher Training Colleges in Ghana

In our guide on Private teacher training colleges in Ghana, there is no doubt to admit that Ghana has made remarkable developments in improving its higher learning centres.

Education is becoming increasingly accessible because of the growing number of schools day in and day out.

Currently, students at any level can enrol in an institution of their choice to pursue their dreams.

Unlike the previous years, securing admission in Ghana is not difficult. However, to ensure you land in an institution of your choice, you need to analyze a few of them to get a glimpse of what to expect.

Every school comes with its demand. Due to that schools are normally ranked in Ghana. Like the case of Senior High Schools, they have been categorized into four parts, ie, Category A, B, B, C, and D.

Category A, B, and C are various public and private senior high schools while Category D schools are the various technical and vocational schools in the country.

Before we continue, you may use this link to know all the teacher training colleges in Ghana.

At the Tertiary Level, there are private and public universities, public technical and vocational schools, as well as various public and private nursing training colleges.

Ghana also has several private and public teacher training colleges affiliated with various autonomous universities in Ghana.

Wondering how you can apply to any of the teacher training colleges we have below? Don’t! Because we have a detailed guide on how to apply for teacher training colleges in Ghana here.

As of the time of this post, there were about 8 certified private teacher training colleges in Ghana you can apply for admission.

In other to increase your chances of gaining admission into any of these teacher training colleges, you should check on the various admission requirement for teacher training colleges in Ghana.

Our article here also details all the cut off points for teacher training colleges in Ghana you need to meet to be considered for admission.

Private Teacher Training Colleges in Ghana

Below are the list of private teacher training colleges in Ghana you can apply to;

1. AIM Professionals Institute and Training College, Ho

2. Cambridge Teacher Training College

3. Holy Spirit College of Education, Ho

4. Jackson College Of Education, KNUST – Kumasi

5. McCoy College Of Education, Nadowli-WA

6. Methodist College of Education, Akim Oda

7. SDA College of Education, Agona-Kumasi

8. St Ambrose College of Education, Dromaa Akwamu, B/A


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