Best Fitness Apps For Androids

    best fitness apps for androids

    Smartphones go beyond just assisting us to make calls and reply messages. There are a lot of best fitness apps for androids that could be downloaded unto our phones to ease up some things or activities we may want to do.


    Maybe you have been trying to figure out how to keep fit. But because you have no guide or a schedule or knowledge on how to go about it, you’re quite stuck.

    There are a number of apps you could download from your play store to help gain muscles, lose weight, live healthily and above all, achieve your fitness goal. Below are a few of those app you could choose from. 

    1. Google Fit

    Best Fitness Apps For Androids
    This is an app that was developed by Google. It uses sensors to track user’s fitness activities such as walking, running, and riding.

    It measures these activities per specific periods and helps you know how long and how much, as well as how far you’re able to exercise.

    It is able to mark pace, speed and route. The app is able to sync and import data from other fitness apps for users’ convenience. Some hardware like Wear OS smartwatches and Xiaomi MI Bands could

    2. Strava GPS: Running, Cycling and Activity Tracker

    Best Fitness Apps For Androids
    With all the stats, Strava is another best fitness apps for androids that helps in mapping a cycling route, tracking your running, and analyzing your training.

    The app offers the opportunity to challenge yourself or compete also with other real time users since it has a leaderboard. It contains also, a GPS distance tracker and mile counter and could even assist with triathlon, marathon and cycling, It really helps you to have a guided workout.

    3. Runtastic Running Distance and Fitness Tracker

    Best Fitness Apps For Androids
    For daily exercising, Runtastic could help serve that purpose. It also uses GPS to track ones running, walking and jogging routes. It has voice coaching as well as running goal-setting options.

    It can be synchronized to gym equipment too. All these activities are graphed, mapped and tabled so that users gain an idea on the progress of their activities that help them keep fit.

    Unlike Google Fit, it contains ads and some in-app online purchases. Newly, it contains water intake reminders and food recipes

    4. My Fitness Pal

    Best Fitness Apps For Androids
    This app bills itself as a calorie counter app that supports things like food, diets and macros. It tracks any types of exercise you undertake like running, walking, jogging or cycling.

    Like google fit, it’s also able to sync a good number of apps, tracks your progress on keeping fit with the help of timers and step tracking. Unlike some other apps, it quite expensive.

    5. Leap Fitness Workout Apps

    Best Fitness Apps For Androids
    This has a number of apps that are simple to use and support various exercise routines and track the progress made on keeping fit. With a few exercising types of equipment at home, Home Workout which is the main app could help you work out.

    With this app, you can do specific exercises for belly fat, buttocks, arms, hips and a couple of 30-day workout routines for weight loss. They have good ideas to keep you in shape and they are affordable.

    6. Runkeeper-GPS Track Run Walk.

    Best Fitness Apps For Androids

    With over 50 million users, Runkeeper uses GPS enabled mobile phone trackers to track fitness activities and give a comparative analysis of your activities. It is able to calculate running speed, route distance, cycling speed, elevation, and calorie burn with accuracy.

    There is always a back lock of measured activities to help refer back to older records. With audio coaching, you can follow training plan workouts or create yours. It supports in-app purchases and like Google Fit, uses some hardware like Wear OS smartwatches.

    7. Sworkit Workouts

    Best Fitness Apps For Androids

    You can create your own workout routines with this app which has a large number of bodyweight exercises.

    Also, you could customize exercise intervals to fit your time. You can get guided work-out plans too and also have access to exclusive exercises. Like a few other, it is free and has in-app purchases.