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Best Jobs for Recent Law School Graduates


In today’s article, we explore the jobs for recent law school graduates in Ghana | Graduate jobs for law students.

It is quite interesting how graduates have to suffer to make decisions about the career pattern they would love to swing to at any point in their lives.

Finding a job opportunity right after school is not as easy as many of us will think, especially in our part of the world.

At least the complaint of many graduates who are heavily struggling out there for job opportunities after school is no news to us.

Most students at universities are reading courses which at the end of the day choosing a career path to follow becomes very difficult and in many instances, most people don’t even have any idea about the job opportunities that their courses provide.

This makes them ignorant of how to strategize their plans and make future decisions for the greater benefit of their lives after they complete their course.

We are pretty sure the question boggling the minds of most of us is why in a world where human capital is hugely demanded, young people are still struggling to land their short-term job employment opportunity if not a permanent one, at least for the meantime.

There are great career opportunities for exceptional people who have committed themselves to learn programs that are sought after by employers.

For most of the job openings requirements we have seen so far, there has been a clear demand for talented graduates as it is evident that no employer takes delight in employing incompetent crooks.

As a recruiter for a profit organization, one of the most important things to achieve or your top priority during a hiring process is to be able to select and hire the best candidate for your organization.

When we dive into historical records of employment over the years, most employees have sought after people with academic excellence or people who have had high-quality education.

It is no doubt that where you had your education, your degree class, and the reputation of the school you attended plays a crucial role in your chances of gaining employment chance.

Let us do this short analysis. Let’s assume that you have two different people looking for a job in a specific job category. One is from Harvard University with a good class and the other candidate is from the University of Bedfordshire who also has a good class.

In this scenario, they all meet the academic requirement because logically that is what every recruiter will care to know first. Now let’s look at the reputation of their schools. Harvard University has ranked ahead of the University of Bedfordshire in many university rankings.

Here, the employment decisions if they were to be hovering around these two, the person from Harvard would have the upper hand.

Information is key to landing your dream job after school. It’s worrying that we have a lot of people who are in school reading certain programs but surprisingly lack information about the job opportunities or career prospects that come with their program. Your excellence in landing a job will begin with your understanding of the industry you want to enter into.

The core requirements or the key skill requirements cannot be overlooked if you are serious to join other competent folks who are doing well in the industry.

The application process for any of the opportunities you will read about here will only begin once you have a pretty fair idea of the opportunities available in the first place.

Moreover, the diverse job opportunities this course provides are very huge. Getting into these careers may rely on having the appropriate skills from the modules you choose, so think about this when choosing subjects throughout your degree.

Let’s quickly look at some of the jobs for recent law school graduates available for students who are doing their possible best.

Jobs for Recent Law School Graduates Include;

The following are the Jobs for recent law school graduates that every law enthusiast can explore;

  • Contracts’ lawyer.
  • Corporate lawyer.
  • Bankruptcy paralegal.
  • Litigation paralegal.
  • General practice lawyer.
  • Associate attorney.
  • Immigration lawyer.
  • Intellectual property lawyer.

How much do recent Law graduates earn?

A person working with a degree in Law typically earns around 1,155 per month. Salaries range to 5,171 GHS. This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.


From the detailed analysis and presentation of the various job opportunities this peculiar course provides, we can agree that regardless of anything being it obstacles that are cutting you of from making a good decision about a future job which your course may provide, these suggestions of what your course’s job opportunities entail may be a great guide in achieving a lot and making clear and important life decisions.

Now you can go on and appreciate your course and work towards an amazing future.

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