We need more protective equipment – GMA to government amid rising Covid-19 cases


    The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has called for more protection for health personnel as the cases of novel coronavirus continue to increase.

    According to General Secretary Dr Justice Yanskon, the spike in cases of community spread of the virus put their members at a higher risk of contracting the virus than initially anticipated.

    He blames this partly on the reduced momentum in enhanced contact tracing.

    “We are not doing a lot of the enhanced contact tracing as we used to do about a month back,” he told JoyNews.

    Dr Yankson explained that medical personnel in wards across the country are aware of the threats and have begun to execute their duties on high alert of the potential contraction especially among symptomatic patients that report to their facilities.

    “We are operating at the highest level of index of suspicion… right from the consulting doctor to the doctor in the ward who may be reviewing patients and what have you,” he said on PM Express June 23.

    In this light he wants government to expedite action of the distribution of adequate personal protective equipment to support their effort which he believes is a challenge bedeviling the bid to fight the pandemic.

    “We need a lot more protection and we need to be at our very best when it comes to infection prevention control… We cannot afford to go in with anything described as PPEs that do not give us that protective value,” Dr Yankson added.

    Ghana’s Covid-19 cases currently stand at 14,568 with 10,907 recoveries/discharges and 95 Deaths as of June 23, 2020. There are 3,566 active cases in the country.