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Salary Of Doctors In Ghana 2023


Are you aspiring to be a medical doctor in Ghana, but wondering what the salary of doctors in Ghana is?

If your answer is yes to the question above, this article is for you.

It is assumed by many in this country that medical doctors are one of the few highest-paid government employees.

People again assume the amount earned specifically. This article seeks to clear the air and give all the facts behind the salary medical doctors in Ghana earn.

Who’s A Doctor?

A doctor has a vast knowledge of medicine and applies and dedicates his expertise to determine the patient’s medical problem and then uses his skill to prevent or treat it.

About Their Salary

Over here in Ghana, you earn more per your number of years in service. Thus, your salary increases as you serve for a long in your field and gain experience. Senior medical doctors receive higher pay than junior medical doctors.

Doctors specializing in optometry, gynaecology, orthopaedics etc., are the most paid medical doctors in Ghana.

It takes a few further years of study besides the usual 6-years to specialize in fields like that to earn more. Ghana medical doctors are paid by the Ministry of Finance and are under the patronage of the Ministry of Health.

Some people are attracted to a profession per the salary earned in that field. So, if it is handsome, it attracts many people, but, interestingly, good things don’t come easily.

It takes about 6 years of schooling before one can earn such a salary.

House Officers are names given to newly produced doctors from the medical school who have passed their exams successfully and are undergoing a one-year compulsory service (houseman ship).

This is a laid-out ritual for all newbies in the medical field to undergo by the Medical and Dental Council, Ghana.

Doctors’ Salary Structure In Ghana

There are three sub-groups of medical doctors in Ghana regarding the period of stay in service. There are the house officers, junior medical doctors and senior medical doctors. The salary range earned by medical doctors in Ghana is GHC 3,139.00 – GHC 6,078.00. A lot of factors determine the actual salary.

Salary Details & Description

  • Market Premium                                      – GHC 1,578.82
  • Single Spine Monthly Salary                         – GHC 2,546.00
  • Fuel Allowance                                        – GHC 715.05
  •  Housing Allowance                                  – GHC 381.90
  • On-Call Duty Facilitation Allowance       – GHC 318.25
  • COVID-19 Income Tax Waiver – GHC 1007.25


  • Social Security Contribution Employee (SSNIT) – GHC 140.03
  • Income Tax – GHC 1007.25
  • Ghana Medical Association Fund Deduction – GHC 200.00
  • Ghana Medical Association Dues – GHC 60.00

Monthly Salary of Doctors in Ghana without Deductions (GROSS Salary)

  • House Officers – GHC 6,547.27
  • Junior Doctors – About GHC 7,638.54
  • Senior Doctors – About GHC 8,983.65
  • Specialist – About GHC 10,645.97

Note Worthy: Salaries of doctors used to be taxed until the emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Thus, the government has introduced a tax waiver for all health workers.


Some doctors receive allowances or bonuses directly from the facilities or institutions they work in apart from the monthly salary.

Although doctors receive salaries enough to be managed, a high standard of living drives many of them to engage in part-time jobs or run their businesses.

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