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Full List of Prisons In Ghana


In this article, we bring you the list of prisons in Ghana.

A prison is an institution built to hold people found guilty of a crime by a country’s constitution.

Prisons serve as both punishment and rehabilitation centres, thus evicting certain rights of the convicts yet allowing them to learn a trade and indulge in certain faiths. A convict is a person sentenced to prison, and the time one spends in jail is given on account of the crime committed.

In adjudicating, there are different types of the sentence depending on the types and number of crimes committed at a time.

In a case where a person is found guilty of multiple sentences, they are given Concurrent and Consecutive prison sentences. We also have indeterminate sentences that do not have any fixed period attached, including life imprisonment, and determinate sentences also come with a definite period.

There are several prisons found in Ghana; categorized into their significant functions, Ghana has a precise number of 43 prisons under the following categories;

Local Prisons (14), Female Prisons (7), Juvenile Facility (1), Open Camp Prisons (11), Special Facility (1), Central Prisons (7), Maximum Security Prison (1), And Medium Security Prison (1).

The List of Prisons In Ghana

  • Nsawam Medium Security Prison
  • Ankaful Maximum Security Prison
  • Koforidua Prisons
  • Akuse Prisons
  • Awutu Camp Prison
  • Kumasi Central Prison
  • Nsawam Medium Security Prison (female ward)
  • Female Prisons
  • Amanfrom Prisons
  • Ghana Prison Service, Gambaga
  • Winneba Local Prison
  • Sekondi Central Prison.

The male prisons are situated in Akuse, Kumasi, Sekondi, Tamale, Nsawam, Ho, Sunyani, Navrongo, Wa, Tarkwa, Winneba, and Cape Coast.

There are also seven major female prisons found in Kumasi, Nsawam, Akuse, Ho, Sekondi, Sunyani and Tamale. Aside from the major prisons, there are also some local prisons.

The James camp prison is situated in Accra, and we also have the Ankaful prison in Cape Coast. These are the Open Camp prisons in the country.

The capacity of Ghana’s prison ranges between 11,000 and 14,000 convicts, in which females constitute about a 2% fraction of the number.

Below is some brief information on some prisons in Ghana

Ankaful Maximum Security Prison

This institution is located in the Central Region of Ghana, located in the Cape Coast. The prison meets the global maximum security standards, and it has the capacity of accommodating about 2,000 convicts at a time. The Ankaful prison has healthcare facilities and room for convicts and administrative institutions.

Tamale Central Prison

This prison was built in 1914. It can be found in Tamale in the Northern Regional and can contain 1000 convicts. The facility has a history of training convicts in blocking moulding, basket weaving and basic literacy program.

Nsawam Female Medium Security

This prison is found in Nsawam. Built in 1973, it is one of the most famous female prisons in the country. The inmates are taken through education and sit for exams in the country.

Kumasi Central Prison

This prison in Ashanti Region was built in the colonial regime around the 19th century. The facilities have a history of accommodating the largest number of convicts.

Ankaful Maximum Security Prison

This facility is also found in the Ankaful prison complex. It provides accommodation for the officers and has the highest number of security facilities. It is famous for its overcrowding of inmates and the gift of carpentry the inmates are introduced to.

Borstal Institute for Juvenile

This is also known as the Senior Correctional Center. It is one of the biggest juvenile prisons in Ghana. This institution aims to housepersons below 18 who have been found guilty of a crime(s). They offer programs that correct the inmates and shape them to the best of themselves in society.


This article highlighted the list of prisons in Ghana. If you have been finding it difficult to know about the Ghanaian prisons, we believe this post have been of help to you.

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