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KNUST : Types of Level 100’s You Will Definitely Meet On Campus


Our freshers are finally here. Let’s put all the registration stress aside. It is time to experience the fun and challenges of campus life. Meeting new faces means a whole lot, new attitudes and personalities. If you haven’t met these people, then school life has not started for you………..

 Typical Student

These are the wishes of almost all parents. These are technically the serious students. They start studying before orientation. Their presence at the library is more than the librarian. They become enemies to the other type, lmaooo. Be patient; you’ll see them soon.


They tend to know everything about the school. All the hot spots for the serious vibes, they know! But the truth of the matter is that they might be the ones sharing the false information.

Party Freaks 

People who designed the motto freedom and justice but removed the justice from their lives start singing ‘freedom ‘ as soon as they enter the university premises. They have dates of all coming parties and can even then go pap. There are privileged to have the ability to fish out all the school parties.


These you may not know from any place but get along at the very first encounter, they become close friends, and these people are met at food joints and in queues for registration with guys. They sometimes meet at JCR.


Whatever you do or say doesn’t bother them. Making friends is not on their bucket list. Instead, they will stay in their room all day without talking to anyone at all.

Most hyped 

Our very own RSVPs. These people are even known before they enter the University, and they tend to get all the attention they need. But hey, don’t stress yourself over them; you might end up getting jealous of their lifestyle.

 Abraham and Sarah in disguise

These are the loved birds. They may have emanated from SHS, or as soon as they got to the University, these romantics usually have a sad ending. A few adore them… Most people only pray that they get separated, and unfortunately, God answers such prayers. This doesn’t eradicate the fact that some last throughout their stay in University and even get married.

Rich cartel 

Those from rich backgrounds think they have even the Chancellor in their pockets. These kids of Dangote and Jeff Bezos respect none. Beautifully, they have always a friend from a humble home that usually is loved by many, and they will get that poor friend who enjoys under their shadow, chai, Level 100…

Kanye and Kim

You can easily spot these. They are definitely in their vogue season! I mean, they came to slay. I don’t mean to make fun, but can we observe a minute of silence for the wanna be fashionistas?


These people are yet to settle. They have no idea what’s going on and can be manipulated easily. They walk with the school’s map, yet still, they keep asking for directions. Can you please shift?

Enjoy your stay in school.

Credit : Amponsah Clinton

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