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KNUST: Kevin Abban To Organize Free Public Speaking Sessions

Kevin Abban To Organize Free Public Speaking Sessions

Ever wondered how to muster the courage to make that important contribution in class that would impress everyone including the lecturer? Or the courage to present a particular idea to your head of department or dean which you know will be exceptional and brilliant to all students.

Speaking is a normal part of everyday life and is essentially necessary for effective communication. Day in day out, students are faced with issues relating to the confidence to speak up on a particular issue or topic. There are basic hacks, tricks and methods that one can utilize to get rid of all the fear and anxiety.

The secret is mastering the art of public speaking. This skill will help you in every aspect of your life when it comes to delivering a speech in front of an audience. The art of public speaking can easily be learnt and mastered to make speaking to an audience a real piece of cake.

Public speaking equips you with the requisite confidence and poise to always be ready for a speech no matter the size of the audience. It would help you ace that group presentation you’ve been chosen to be the lead speaker on. Public speaking also helps in the business world by adding to your skills which will be of huge essence.

Your ability to pass interviews and landing that big contract with ease all boils down to your ability to master the art of public speaking to convince and persuade whoever is listening.

There is good news, you don’t need to spend large sums of money hiring a public speaking coach. A comprehensive workshop session on learning the art of public speaking is coming your way and will begin shortly to teach you all you need to know about public speaking.

It is going to be held via the internet to allow for as many people who’d be interested to have the opportunity of partaking in this educational workshop.

The person hosting the program is Mr. Kevin Abban. He is a 3rd-year student of Bsc. Natural Resource Management and is currently the vice president of CARNASA. As a debater and public speaker, he is passionate about imparting his knowledge for the benefit of all.

It is scheduled to begin on 28th March 2021.
You are all encouraged to join the sessions, tell a friend to tell a friend and let’s come in our numbers to learn and better ourselves.

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