How To Use Amazon Hub Counter


    In this post, we will examine how to use Amazon Hub Counter. Amazon, which is the biggest online store in the world, has made shopping much easier than it has ever been.

    Their newest idea, the Amazon Hub Counter, is changing the way we get our packages in a big way.

    With this brand-new service, Amazon customers can pick up their packages from a safe and convenient spot.

    In this post on the blog, we’ll take a more in-depth look at what the Amazon Hub Counter is, how it operates, and why you might want to consider using it.

    What is Amazon Hub Counter?

    The Amazon Hub Counter is a network of safe pickup locations throughout the United States where Amazon customers can go to retrieve their shipments.

    Most of the time, these sites are inside traditional stores like drugstores or department stores. They have knowledgeable employees on staff who can assist customers with pickup orders.

    The Amazon Hub Counter was made a more convenient alternative to home delivery, which can be hard to schedule and often leads to packages being left at the customer’s house when no one is there to sign for them.

    How To Use Amazon Hub Counter

    The process of using Amazon Hub Counter is a simple one. The steps that need to be followed are as follows:

    1. Choose Amazon Hub Counter as your delivery option:

    Choose Amazon Hub Counter as your delivery option as you are going through the checkout process. After that, a selection of Amazon Hub Counter locations that are conveniently located near you will be shown to you for your consideration.

    2. Wait for delivery confirmation:

    After your order has been processed and dispatched, Amazon will send you a delivery confirmation email or a message on your device. This email will contain your one-of-a-kind pickup code as well as a barcode.

    3. Go to the Amazon Hub Counter location:

    You will need to bring the pickup code or barcode with you when you go to the designated Amazon Hub Counter location during the hours it is open.

    4. Give your pickup code or barcode:

    Once you have arrived at the Amazon Hub Counter, you will need to provide the staff person working behind the desk with your pickup code or barcode. After that, they will collect your parcel and confirm that you are who you say you are.

    5. Collect your package:

    Once the employee has confirmed your identity, they will hand over the package. Depending on the safety procedures of the venue, you might need to sign for the delivery of the package or give further identification before receiving it.

    6. Enjoy your purchase:

    After you have received your item, you are free to make use of what you have purchased.

    Now let’s dive into all you need to know about using Amazon counter and locker

    Amazon Hub Counter Versus Locker


    The Amazon Hub Counter is just one of the many places to pick up your items from Amazon. The Amazon Locker is probably the most well-known of these various possibilities.

    The locker provides consumers with a safe and convenient means to retrieve their packages, similar to what is offered at the hub counter. On the other hand, the locker is almost always situated in a public location, like a supermarket or a shopping mall.

    A locker is a self-service option, as opposed to the hub counter, and it needs customers to enter a code before they may get their packages.

    What is the Difference Between Amazon Hub Counter and Locker?

    The quality of customer service delivered is the primary differentiator between the hub counter and the locker.

    While consumers are on their own to retrieve their items from the locker, an employee is at the hub counter to help them pick them up.

    In addition, the hub counter is usually found in a retail shop, whereas the locker is more likely to be found in a public area.

    How Does Amazon’s Hub Counter Work?

    To use the Amazon Hub Counter, all you need to do is choose the pickup option during the checkout process and then select the location that is most convenient for you.

    You will be emailed a one-of-a-kind barcode as soon as your package is processed at the Hub Counter. Bring this barcode to the Hub Counter, along with a government-issued ID, and a team member will help you pick up your purchase.

    How To Set up an Amazon Hub Counter or Locker

    Go to the Amazon Hub website and fill out the application form to install an Amazon Hub counter or locker at your place of business.

    Amazon will give you all the hardware and software you need and work with you closely to make sure the installation goes smoothly.

    Why Use a Hub Vs Home Delivery?

    There are a lot of advantages to using an Amazon Hub Counter rather than getting delivery at home. For one, you’ll never miss a delivery again.

    Also, the Hub Counter is safer than home delivery because the items are kept in a locked room and can only be accessed with a specific barcode and a valid form of identification.

    In conclusion, picking up your box from the hub counter is more convenient than having it delivered to your house because you can do so whenever and wherever is most suitable.

    How Much Does Amazon Hub Cost?

    Customers do not incur any fees for using Amazon Hub in any way. But if a business wants to set up a hub counter or locker, it may have to pay for the hardware and software that goes with it.

    How Do I Find a Hub Locker or Counter?

    Go to and input your zip code in the search bar to find a Hub Locker or Counter near you.

    When you buy, you can also pick up your item at the Hub Counter or a locker, depending on where it is most convenient for you.

    What’s in It For Businesses?

    Businesses can get many benefits from setting up either an Amazon Hub Counter or an Amazon Hub Locker.

    To begin, it could enhance the foot traffic that comes into your store, which in turn may increase sales. Also, it can offer a helpful service to your customers, which can help keep them coming back.

    The Future of Lockers and Counters

    As more and more customers turn to online shopping, the demand for secure and convenient pickup options

    The number of people who shop online is expected to keep growing, which means there will be a bigger need for safe and easy pickup options like Amazon Hub Counter and Locker.

    To compete with Amazon’s service, many retailers are introducing their own pickup options. But Amazon’s pickup options are hard to beat because the company has a large network and a lot of expertise in logistics.

    We might expect Amazon and other stores to come up with even more innovative pickup options in the near future.

    For instance, online retail giant Amazon is developing a brand-new pickup option called Amazon Go, which enables consumers to retrieve their parcels from a store that does not require a cashier.


    Below are some frequently asked questions about how to use the Amazon hub counter and locker.

    How do I access my Amazon hub counter?

    To access the Amazon hub counter, go to the “Your Orders” area of the Amazon website or Amazon mobile app and select the order that you wish to pick up.

    This will give you access to your Amazon hub counter. After that, you will be given the location of the Amazon hub counter that is closest to you, as well as its hours of operation.

    Is the Amazon hub counter free?

    Yes, the Amazon hub counter service is free to all prime Amazon customers. But if you are not a prime member, you may be required to make a small payment to enjoy the service.

    How many days do you have to use Amazon Hub counter?

    The standard time frame for a customer to retrieve their delivery from an Amazon hub counter is fourteen days. Following a period of 14 days, Amazon will collect the package and decide whether or not to offer a refund.

    How long do you have to pick up from Amazon Hub counter?

    Clients typically have three business days from the time their package is placed in an Amazon Hub locker or on an Amazon Hub counter to retrieve it. After a period of three days, Amazon will collect the package and decide whether or not to offer a refund.

    How much does an Amazon counter make?

    The amount of money that may be made working at an Amazon counter is dependent on the location as well as the number of shipments that are processed.

    Is Amazon Hub only for Prime members?

    No, the Amazon Hub is accessible to any and all Amazon customers; membership in Amazon Prime is not a prerequisite to use the Amazon Hub.

    How does Hub delivery work?

    When a consumer chooses Amazon Hub as one of their delivery options, their box will be placed in a nearby locker or on a counter to be picked up later. The customer will be provided with a one-of-a-kind pickup code or barcode that can be utilized by them in order to get their package.

    Can I take my order from Amazon Hub?

    Using the pickup code or barcode that Amazon gives you, you are able to pick up your Amazon order from a local Amazon Hub locker or counter if you are located nearby.

    How Can I Get an Amazon Counter or Locker?

    The checkout counters and lockers for Amazon are most frequently seen inside retail businesses, apartment buildings, and other public places.

    If you pick the Amazon Hub option during the checkout process on the Amazon website or mobile app, you will be able to locate the Amazon Hub locker or counter that is located closest to you.


    If you want to get your Amazon packages safely and easily, use the Amazon Hub Counter as your preferred method of package pickup.

    It is in everyone’s best interest, whether you are a consumer or the proprietor of a company, to investigate this service.

    So, the next time you check out on Amazon, you should choose the Hub Counter option to use the safe pickup option.

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