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How To Make a Man Cry In Bed


How to make a man cry in bed? Perplex with the title, right? Women have always been known to do the “tears thing” during Sex, but you can make your man tear down instead when you spice your game.

There are many facets to good and great sex. Sex is what you make it, and it can be excellent- whether you are single, in a relationship, or married.

Enjoying Sex yourself and making sure your partner does, too, strengthens your bond and intimacy in a relationship.

Men cry during or after intimacy as a sign of feelings of pure happiness, an overwhelming sense of relief, and great sex satisfaction due to built-up tension.

The mind is incredibly powerful and plays a vital role when it comes to sex. The mind can cause all sorts of sexual issues with both men and women, all based on your foreplay. The power of the mind should NOT be underestimated when it comes to being intimate and making a man cry.

Before Sex with your man, let’s look at some essential body parts to use during your foreplay;

  • Tongue
  • Voice
  • Fingers
  • Nails
  • Lips

Know this, good foreplay has the power to trigger hormones in the body that make it think the act is occurring.

Integrating these triggers while staying a little longer before your next sex session can greatly heighten the intensity when the time comes.

Believe it or not, many aspects can trigger a man to cry in bed during or after intimacy.

How To Make a Man Cry In Bed

Here are some ways to make your man cry in bed;

1. Be Vocal

Learn to talk during Sex, call out your partner’s name and tell him you like his energy in a very soft and cracky tone. Tell him about the sex position you did love to have. Demanding what you want and how you want it guarantees equal pleasure during sex.

2. Kisses

Warmly kiss your partner with soft and already wet lips. Wet his lips with your tongue dry to arouse his senses towards sex.

3. Nipple Suck

Another tip on how to make a man cry in bed is nipple sucking. Most men easily arouse when touching their nipples. Softly suck and play with your partner’s nipple.

4. Thigh Strike

Those extra minutes you spend touching each other help and make Sex more pleasurable. Slowly draw lines around your partner’s thighs with your nails and watch him tell you how much he loves it.

5. Give Him a Massage

Perch him and give him a massage, replacing your hands with your mouth and tongue. Roll tongue in his backline and give kisses around. This should make for you two interesting experiences.

6. Neck Attention

Plant light kisses from his lips to his neck and work your way up, increasing the pressure of your lips as you go to the base of his ears and work your way down.

You can bite his neck softly as you inch down. Alternate between kisses and biting so he doesn’t know what’s coming next. Remember that men like foreplay too.

7. Ears Play

Bite it playfully or gently tug at it. You can also moan, sigh, or whisper I love you in his ears with a soft voice. The ears can be an erogenous zone, so use this format if you want the Sex to be memorable for him.

8. Look For His Most Sensitive Spots

Our last tip on how to make a man cry in bed is looking for the sensitive spots of the man. If you want to know how to make a man cry in bed, you must be intentional about pleasing him sexually. Spicing things up during Sex to make your man cry in bed goes a long way. There’s not just one way to do it.

Have you ever heard of nipple stimulation? We normally see men pleasuring a woman this way, but isn’t it about breaking gender norms? Most men have so many erogenous zones that they don’t get love, mostly. Men are ashamed or shy to express that they enjoy this kind of stimulation. However, it is worth a try!

9. Tease Play

Do you know what the treasure trail is? It’s the region between a man’s navel and his nether area. If he has hair down there, make sure to take some of it between your mouth and tug gently. This will spark slight electricity in his sensitive region that he will enjoy. Straddle your man and grind over him in slow, circular motions.

10. Knee Play and Sensation During Sex

Knees are one of a man’s most underrated and unrecognized erogenous zones. Make sure to run your tongue along the crease of his knees and then gently blow on the area.

Licking is one of the most common sensations when it comes to sex. However, make sure to broaden your spectrum. Include grazing, sucking, and biting as well. These new sensations can broaden the sexual horizons of you both.

The Bottom Line

It is important to note that not all these points may work out for every couple. If you or your partner are uncomfortable at any point, make sure to let the other know because one of the major myths about foreplay is that partners who don’t do it are lazy or selfish. But a lack of sexual confidence or experience is much more likely to be the cause.

The best way to overcome this hurdle and add foreplay to your life is to;

  • Keep the lines of communication open.
  • Keep sexual talk positive.
  • Don’t accuse or shame your partner.
  • Take the lead if they don’t seem inclined toward foreplay.
  • Penetration during Sex is just the tip of the iceberg. Scrutinize your body and partner through these tips, and let us know if they helped you!


In this article, we provided all you needed to know about how to make a man cry in bed.

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