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Healing The Union : A Dream In Reality?


The mother of all student unions in Ghana; the national Union of Ghana students (NUGS) has for sometime now been bedridden in the execution of its duties. Advocacy: an act that is very important in every democratic discourse has been horrendous.

NUGS is supposed to be a democratic, non-partisan and progressive mass movement that is tasked with safeguarding and protecting the interest of the Ghanaian student in and outside Ghana. It even extends its oversight responsibility to foreign nationals who are schooling in Ghana.

The power is always with the people and so if the people are in a confused state like Ghanaian students are in right now, leadership does nothing but enjoy the resources that were supposed to be used to better the lives of their members.

I would want to say Ayekoo to the University students Association of Ghana (USAG) for being there for almost all Ghanaian students at a time where the mother union (NUGS) lost focus and threw foresight into the bin.

Student issues have been ignored because almost every year, for the past 3 years now, we have 2 sets of NUGS executives each with their Presidents organising press conferences just to gain media attention and cheap popularity. Dating as far back as the 49th Congress, NUGS has always presented 2 presidents to Ghanaian students. How can 2 masters captain a ship? Your guess is as good as mine

These acts amongst others, pushed students to lose hope and trust in the union rendering the union almost useless.

Apparently, our very own Union, which used to be the most powerful student union in Ghana has now turned into a platform for some conscienceless and crafty people to run their prejudiced agenda because there is a political party actor somewhere asking them to do so.

All these are done at the detriment of the Union. These student leaders listen to these Political party actors who also serve as their consigliere’s, act as blind bats to the miseries of the Ghanaian student and tend to use their executive offices to push personal interests. Indeed, a bad tree can never yield good apples.

As we speak, we have two sets of executives claiming to be the leadership of NUGS, that is the Tinkaro – led batch and the Gombilla – led batch. The negative effects resulting from this can not be belittled. Having different set of executives would only render the union in a directionless, blind, haphazard, purposeless and a hit-or-miss D-class game.

This would eventually drive the whole union into a ditch. It has become visible now that the old homogeneous union that led the institution of GETfund has become a toothless bulldog that unlike “Opana” doesn’t write letters and epistles but just “signs” WhatsApp messages for circulation.

What used to be one of the finest platforms and preparatory grounds for the production of the most amazing human resource the nation can boast of, has now become the realm for individuals to declare themselves presidents after losing elections, disregarding the constitution and openly disrespecting themselves and the ideals and visions of the Ghanaian student . The main vision and mission have been distorted and the union is now sitting on a time bomb with no clean bill of health.

I must say after the fallout of the 51st Congress, I became one of the people who constantly asked the question Nathanael asked Philip in the scriptures according to John 1:46; Can something good come out of Nazareth?
Little did I know that indeed the people will have to “come and see” for themselves.

The Tinkaro and Gombilla led executives promised to unite and give back the power of the Union to the people, the sole custodians of the Union’s power. This process was tried last 2 years and last year but it failed on congress grounds due to petty and common sense defeating reasons. This year, it was promised but we thought it was one of those lightweight political speeches just to grab power because once bitten, twice shy.

Lo and behold, the level of determination to accomplish the herculean task has been seen to rise during these past days from notice of a Unified CC to the release of a draft constitution that spells out clearly every direction including the rights and wrongs in the management of the Union.

I have personally gone through this draft and I think if students of Ghana really want to see a working students Union, Central committee will have to fully and strongly endorse the draft. Harvey Firestone said that “the growth and development of the people is the highest calling of leadership”, Tinkaro and Gombilla have realised this and they’re taking steps to make this possible. The final clearance I believe lies on Central committee who are also leaders from various institutions.

Are they going to accept it for posterity sake or they’re going to reject it to satisfy their parochial interests? 31st July is just some days away, we shall find out.

Kudos to the executives of NUGS A and B for this wonderful step taken. Citizen Vigilantes will also be on standby to offer any help should they ask. I pray and urge all stakeholders of the Union to help this dream of a ” Union” materialise.

My name is Raheem Awaafo, a citizen not spectator and I believe the masses matter. Ghana will rise again!!

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