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Free Websites That Can Handle PDFs


Free Websites That Can Handle PDFs what Are? In this article, I will introduce popular free PDF tools for everyone. Through the evaluation of these website tools, you can understand the characteristics of their grids, or you can directly go through the relevant links given in the article. Access related tools of the AbcdPDF platform.

Free websites that can handle PDFs – AbcdPDF.com

Abcd PDF is committed to providing users around the world with comfortable and efficient online office tools. There are PDF editors for processing PDF documents on the market, but they also take up a lot of time for users to register, log in, adapt, and pay in addition to high usage fees, and these products cannot be guaranteed in terms of safety, users have to operate carefully, which brings a lot of inconvenience to everyone’s office.

With the original intention of serving the public, the brand positions its products as free online tools, and aggregates a large number of online tools with rich functions on the homepage of the Abcd PDF platform to meet the needs of all user groups. Its goal is to provide free, accessible and high-quality PDF processing tools to bring efficient and comfortable office experience to users of web programs around the world.

The following are some of the online tools on the AbcdPDF aggregation page:

Collection of PDF editing, converting, merging, splitting, adding watermark tools
Editar PDFUnir PDFShare PDFPDF to WordPDF to Excel
Protects PDFUnlock PDFFiligreePage numberRemove pages
Remove pagesSave as PDFDownload PDF filePDF to DOCXODT to PDF
Save as pdfSign the PDFODT to PDFPDF ConverterComprimir PDF

AbcdPDF website tool introduction

Online pdf editor

Online pdf editor is a free online PDF editor that integrates various editing functions. Its use is very simple. You only need to upload the file, edit/modify the online Word content, and save it locally to complete the entire process.

The toolbar is located at the top of the page, divided into “Text”, “Eraser”, “Redact”, “Highlight”, “Image”, “Draw”, “Sign”, users use these functions to realize comments or add text, pictures, symbols , as well as eliminating text, the user can achieve various functions by selecting tools .

Overview of Online Word Editing Features:

function nameeffect
EditA blue dashed box will appear. When encountering an editable paragraph, it will turn into a “finger” icon. At this time, click the left button to add text, delete, change the format, change the color, bold, underline and other processing of the paragraph.
Add ImageAfter clicking, select the local image and drag it to the desired position with the mouse.
Highlight AreaDrag the quad to make the coverage change color.
Highlight TextThe cursor can only select text and highlight text or paragraphs.
EraserDrag the quad to leave the overlay area blank.
RedatDrag the selection to turn the area into a black layer.
DrawAfter selecting this plug-in, you can draw lines in the PDF content selection area.
Text BoxDrag the selection to resize the text box, then edit the text.
ReplaceFor text replacement, input the characters before replacement in the front box, and input the characters displayed after replacement in the rear box.
ShapesUse circles and ovals to mark content.
SignatureSign, enter the text on the left, the effect will be displayed on the right, and you can choose the color.

Pdf to excel

Convert PDF to Excel is also an online free website service tool that can quickly convert PDF files into editable Excel files.

Because it is a tool launched on the same platform, it is similar in use. It is divided into three steps: uploading, converting, and downloading.

Even people who do not use computers often can easily complete the operation according to the prompts and navigation. After the conversion is complete, all uploaded files will be automatically deleted from their servers.

Merge pdf

Merge PDF supports batch merging of PDF files. After entering the tool page, click “+” to add multiple PDF files. The conversion speed is fast, and both simple and complex PDF files can be perfectly merged. At work, we will encounter quotations, purchase orders or highly confidential materials.

These documents often need to be integrated by us. If we use an online editor to process them one by one, it will be very troublesome, and this is where Merge PDF plays a role in batch processing. good time.


Free Websites That Can Handle PDFs what Are? This article introduces you to the AbcdPDF platform, a website that can handle PDF issues for free, and many software including online pdf editor, pdf to excel, merge pdf.

In addition, the platform supports language switching in 25 countries, and is committed to providing solutions to PDF problems for users around the world.

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