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Election Watch Did Not Write Any Rejoinder 


In as much as we have our opinions on something, especially election related issues, we also expect that certain individuals may disagree with us. On January 1, 2019, there was an article on “BIIBI BA.” Few hours after that we saw a fake “rejoinder” from an attention seeker. The person tried to impersonate Master Raheem Awaafo. Sadly, his attempt was not only shameful but abortive.

We realized that in the first paragraph of the already circulated rejoinder, the writer wrote “I seem to like her name though,” this compliment is highly suspicious. We, as a team do not compliment ourselves in public. This attempt by the writer confirms the AKAN axiom, “wo tamfo resua wo asa a, na wakyea ne pa.”

We also realized that there were lots of spelling mistakes. We can pardon the writer because he/she was in a rush. The writer failed to proof read what was written. We acknowledge our spelling mistakes sometimes but it doesn’t run through like what we read.

Everything that goes out is thoroughly scrutinized before it is circulated. There is a ‘particular style’ of writing which seems to run through all our writings. It is the reason sometimes when a write up comes out, those who know me and my writings would say, either Kiera or Raheem didn’t write it.

In the rejoinder, there is a huge disconnect. In fact, there is a lost connection. It will be very hard to discover that thing, unless WE school you. The writer failed to realize our teasers, take a look at the conclusion, poorly crafted and loosely ended. Raheem has never promised to buy fufu for me. We have a nice way of disclosing that niche or if you like that brand of fufu and ‘energy drink’ we’ve caught for ourselves.

The writer tried to create the impression that Raheem has a beef with Kiera. We have had disagreements several times. We never fought, neither will we fight. We will only disagree to agree on issues. The attempt to create what is not existent is shameful and bizarre. Mr. Writer, we have access to your WhatsApp chat with a friend that you want to be “relevant.” In the event you don’t know, let me tell you that we have seen you and your boss has called us.

It is incumbent to add that we ain’t in competition with anybody. We do not care about the number of books one has read. It is expected that the knowledge you claim to have gained in the books you read, you exhibit such knowledge in public discourse. Unfortunately, the opposite is seen and a sheer display of empty head in discussions. We accept constructive criticisms and ignore unnecessary attacks. Any attempt by any individual to thwart our efforts and daint our credibility would NOT succeed. If you disagree with us, that is fine but don’t try to be “relevant” using us.

My name is King Midas Amoateng, a former AKAN Student of KNUST. We wish our readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR and greetings to Raheem Awaafo, a disappointed NASPA Veep and Kiera Nana Ama Purple. I love eating fufu and ‘energy drink’, greetings to the Leadership of the KNUST STUDENTS’ PARLIAMENT HOUSE, KSPH.

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