Covid-19: Everyone Asking Us For Help – Chinese Ambassador

    Covid-19: Everyone Asking Us For Help – Chinese Ambassador

    Chinese Ambassador to Ghana Shi Ting Wang says almost all countries in the world are seeking for help from China in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Presenting some PPEs from China to the government of Ghana Monday, the ambassador said: “China, itself, has just tasted the bitterness of COVID-19 and is still recovering, “but at the same time, many other countries, especially some European countries which have been hard hit, are calling for our help”.

    He added: “To be honest, nearly every country in the world has asked for China’s help. In the face of such a huge challenge, we have managed to procure these supplies and get them here in chartered flight when all scheduled flights have come to a halt.

    “It is not easy, per se. This effort shows China’s firm commitment to China-Africa relations and further strengthening the strong historical bond between China and Africa”.

    China is giving 16 African countries including A60 metric tonnes of essential material including personal protective equipment with a volume of 400 cubic metres.

    Ghana has so far recorded 205 cases of coronavirus with five fatalities and 38 recoveries.