Chamber On Air Show : Consider Mid-Sem Postponement, Suspend Operation of Shuttles – KNUST Students Panelists To Management

    KNUST Cut-Off Point For 2020/2021

    Some students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology have pleaded on Management to consider other areas or activities on campus that would call for a mass gathering.

    They made the revelation on the Chamber On Air show run on Focus FM by the KNUST Students’ Parliament House on Saturday, March 14, 2020.

    Addressing the issue on suspension of the various outdoor activities on campus by the university, they said the statement failed to touch on the operation of shuttles and other activities they believe also call for mass gathering on campus.The KNUST Shuttles as noted, always harbor passengers above the required number. This they believe looks deadly amidst fears of a possible spread of the novel Coronavirus.

    They argued that, the Upcoming Mid-Semester examination would bring scores of students together in an auditorium to sit for various papers and they believe is a form of mass gathering the university failed to highlight in their preventive measures to ensure a smooth conduct of the examination.

    “At the social sciences faculty alone, more than 500 first year students sit for core courses like Communication Skills at the Old Laundry during examination period”, they emphasized.

    This they believe is not healthy move at this time of the pandemic coronavirus.

    However, they argued that it would be a good move that would benefit all sides should the examinations be postponed amidst fear of the proliferation of the virus.

    The University in a statement yesterday suspended all outdoor activities including Hall Week Celebration, Awards Nights, Dinner Nights, Academic and Non-academic excursions and other gatherings.