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7 Top Ghanaian Education Blogs To Follow In 2022

top ghanaian education blog

In our guide on top Ghanaian education blogs, you should, first of all, know that the Education niche in blogging is one of the most influential niches in the blogging industry in Ghana.

Blogs in this niche for the past year’s have been the place to go to by many parents and students whenever they need any information about education in Ghana.

These blogs have access to educational information in Ghana very easy and convenient. However, many education blogs have popped up periodically throughout the years ago whiles some have remained consistent in the delivery of relevant educational content to their readers.

The following websites are our top 7 education blogs in Ghana to trust for all your education-related contents. Kindly take note that, the arrangement of the blogs are in no particular order. Our rankings are purely based on their organic traffic and how relevant they have stayed in the education niche.

Here are our 7 top Ghanaian education blogs ;

Success Africa (Successafrica.info)

SuccessAfrica.Info is powered by Success Africa Media Group Limited which seeks to give readers balanced and credible campus news and more from all over the world.

A credible and strong brand of well-established news portal that seeks to establish a close relationship with its readers and advertisers.

Founded in April 2018 by a Ghanaian entrepreneur, Mr. Adu-Gyamfi Kumi Robert, it has grown from a humble beginning to become the number one source of a news item for many Ghanaians abroad.

HyperCiti Gh (hypercitigh.com)

HyperCitigh is one of the fastest-growing campus online news portal and a leading service provision Media outlet in West Africa, Ghana.

At HyperCitigh Media Group, they provide undergraduates with the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in real-world digital media practices whiles covering issues relevant to students and the nation at large.

Their focus is to deliver timely and exact news, unprecedented business solution packages that inure into customer growth and class Geospatial analysis. This initiative was founded by three KNUST students offering BSc. Development Planning in the year 2017 by Sam Christopher, Ernest Gyedu and Andrews Aibi Junior, all students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

GH Students (ghstudents.com)

At ghstudents.com, they deliver quality educational information to all Ghanaian students.

They cover a wide range of topics ranging from Educational News, Scholarships, Jobs, Visa and Study Abroad.

To bridge the gap between education and real-life experience, they also share important career guide, ways to make money, business ideas and lots more.

The whole idea behind this is to aid in a smooth transition from studentship to entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency.

Education Ghana ( Educationghana.org)

Formerly Educationghana.net, EducationGhana.org is the premier online educational resource and news blog in Ghana that serves its readers with authentic education material.

In 2017 and 2018, respectively,
EducationGhana.net won Best Media Promoting Education, an award organised by Neogenics Education Consult.

Manual News Gh (Manuelnewsgh.com)

The blog was founded in January 2019 by Ansah Emmanuel who is out of college.

At manuelnewsgh.com, they are very passionate about technology news and discoveries.

This blog serves visitors with the latest, discovered and all news around the world.

The founder, Ansah Emmanuel dedicates his work to educate, inspire, and empower their readers; students, adults, researchers and the general public with frequent updates and high-quality information.

Schooling Ghana (Schoolgh.com)

Schooling Ghana is a preeminent education and information portal, proficient in providing quality and genuine educative information regarding Ghanaian’s Universities, Colleges and all other schools and educational institutions.

They also disseminate relevant and sublime Tutorials, discoveries, edutainment, facts and motivations to educate and deposit or refresh your knowledge.

SCHOOLING GHANA Is Dedicated to all Ghanaians Home And Abroad, Specifically Youth And Students of this Great Nation.

My Health Basics (myhealthbasics.site)

Myhealthbasics.site is an education website whose aim is to be the leading e-library for education queries in Ghana (information gathered concerning other countries may be published here as well since students are at times interested in what happens in other countries)


Based on the information provided above, we believe we have taken you through the necessary information you need about the top Ghanaian education blogs. Successafrica.info, Hypercitygh.com, Ghstudents.com, Educationghana.org, Manuelnewsgh.com, myhealthbasics.site and Schoolgh.com are our top 7 education blogs in Ghana.