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The ‘Man’ Called CWA/GPA


As several melodies of prestige sung in honour of first class had been trumpeted into the ears of freshers on countless orientations; some first years become overly ambitious, battling between either getting their dream classes or wallowing in the pool of abject depression!

So when finally the ear send gossip to the brain about the release of the first semester results(average), the heart of the first year student who is yet to sight his first ever average begins to pound so vigorously as though about to be captured by rupture. Some anxiously desperate students even collapse when their expected first class “upper” unfortunately turns out to be lower than the second class lower!

Freshers’ academic life on campus is influenced greatly by two categories of people. The first being the “wishful thinkers”:These group preach that first class is not everything and are quick to quote chronicles of how people like Mark Zuckerberg et al.

Succeeded even without a college degree. Freshers who have their ears wired to these statements end up worshiping mediocrity when they could excel better.Though first class is definitely not everything, it’s something worth achieving!

The second category is the “men of class” who preach salvation through class.They make first years believe by all means they must yield to first class, making them frustrated when they aren’t able to meet this standard.

Some In their unquenchable quest to make first class by all means, have even forgotten how to live life itself on campus. Everything about them becomes “sharking”.They at a point start receiving nature’s call with one hand whilst reading a material with the other, they study even when they’re asleep. Sadly; though they may end up with their desired class, in most cases their lives become occupied with boredom, frustration and even depression since they’re devoid of any meaningful social life.

The ideal life of a student on campus should be achieving one’s academic pursuits whilst balancing it effectively with a good social life. What am I saying? The “best” student to me is the one who’s able to work this simultaneous equation successfully: marrying academics and social life!

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