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The Enemies We Create For Ourselves- Financial OFS


An aspirant for the position of the SRC financial secretary at the Kwame Nkrumah Univeristy of Science and Technology (KNUST) has shared a very important lesson in his latest write-up. Full article below:

*Do not inherit your friend’s enemy based  on their own personal encounter with them*

This notion of inheriting your friend’s enemies is  entrenched by a flawed mindset which ought to be dismantled and eroded from our minds.

Often, people inherit enemies of their friends as a means of expressing and affirming their loyalty to their friends.

Do not let pride and jealousy make you hate those you are supposed  to learn from.

Many people have lost opportunities because of the enemies they created for themselves.

Yes! You will side with me that in our quest to greatness, we hear many adages from our elders which are sometimes true.

The elders say; ‘Aduane a woammɛto no wɔ wo maame bukyea so no, yɛkyi’ which interprets in Englsih as “The food you did not meet on your mother’s coalpot or table, it’s an abomination to eat it”

We  mostly undertake these actions due to the  ill pieces of advice we get from friends we die to remain loyal to.

One great man said, “Not all  pieces of advice from the elderly  is  worth emulating, remember fools also grow old.”

People, especially literates have allowed friends to brainwash their unique minds to hate someone because of their friends’ own personal encounter with them.

Many people have inherited people’s enemies and made them permanent enemies.

This is limiting our intellectual capacities and ability to unleash our unique abilities to the growth of our nation

Partisan political affiliations are damaging our love for our country  and people in the opposing parties which is indeed   hindering our ability to think towards the total liberation of our country.

We are fighting against ourselves because of political affiliations and the quest to remain  loyal to ones party.

Religious diversities are damaging our love for humanity and ability to see the good from bad, come to think of correcting them!

And Social Cohesion (Friendship) has divided many people, damaged our minds and caused havoc to ourselves and others, just because a friend hates the  other person.

Remember, everyone has two characters you meet based on your own diction ; the good and the bad character.

Therefore, do not inherit your Friend’s enemies based on your will to remain faithful and loyal to them.

  • Master Osei Fosu Solomon(OFS)