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The Devil Inside Me- SuccessAfrica.


The Devil Inside Me – SuccessAfrica.

Service ended around 1:30 pm and as usual various ministries met to have their meetings and I happen to be part of video and photography since that’s my niche.

Fast forward, I sneaked out after the meeting to buy food, having realised, Daniel was busily attending to those preparing to see pastor after service.

Unfortunately for me, he managed to look for where I was eating, and as usual came to parasite.

Daniel is a deacon and I am just a member. That notwithstanding , I am part of the Video and photography ministry. Workforce members of the church were meeting pastor after service for a short meeting, Daniel invited me to come and witness it although I was not a member of the Workforce. Initially, I was indecisive on joining the meeting because I had the perception that it takes a lot of sacrifices to be recognised as an active workforce member of the church.

When I entered the sanctuary, pastor was preaching about sacrifice. wow! what a coincidence! well I don’t think it was a coincidence but rather the plan of God opening a way for me to feel his presence and glory in my life. Pastor preached and said a lot on what it takes to be sacrificial, especially in the work of the lord and what he also does for those who sacrifice for his ministry. It was really exciting to know that God has all these plans for us.

Sincerely I was ashamed of myself after sitting quietly to ponder on the unnecessary things I have engaged in for years which has not yielded or added any value to my life, yet I am usually found of giving excuses on anything which has to do with the church. The devil was indeed at work.

We started praying and in the process I felt the presence of the lord. I started speaking in a different language ( tongues) . It was amazing! I didn’t personally understand what I was saying and what was even mind blowing was that, I was not even conscious of what I was saying unlike most at times we prepare on what to say in prayer before we even start but this was unusual. I began to feel a great force within and I couldn’t control any part of my body again .The only thing I could feel happening were tears dropping and people shouting and falling off.

I heard the voice of the lord and it was actually an inspiring word. I want to share this with you so that you would also know how the principle of this world works for our good. The voice says, “I created this world and made everything possible for man to have a good life, there is only one principle to note; It’s very hard to achieve everything which brings glory, but I have made the world in a way that if you do something consistently whether you like it or not, it becomes a habit and you tend doing it even unaware, you later see your desired results only if you persist despite troubles which come along the way”.

So then,a whole lot of inspiring thoughts came into mind. Well now I know that if you want to be successful in anything, you have to recognise the fact that the road wouldn’t be smooth but persistence and consistency would surely make the way.

Now the message is clear . Life is of a principle. Recognise Challenges but hail persistence and consistency in all your doings and be assured of a glorious life.

Understanding the nitty gritty of life is pivotal to becoming successful in the lord. We all know what to do, what to say and amazingly, how to even act sometimes to gain whatever we require. Failure prevails when we tend to act otherwise to what I have made mention of. Be ready to know what is hidden inside of you and it will give you a bigger picture of your worth. If you know your worth, it gives you a sense of direction in all your doings.

God is still alive and working for our good. Be ready to receive him today and your life shall be blessed. Shalom..

Proudly written by Robert Kumi Adu-Gyamfi/Successafrica.info

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