NIA to distribute some 145,000 and 100,300 Ghana Cards in Volta/Oti Regions


    A total of 145,452 and 100,330 printed Ghana Cards are to be distributed by the National Identification Authority (NIA) to owners in the Volta and Oti Regions respectively.

    Assistant Commissioner of Immigration, Mr Francis Palmdeti, Head of Corporate Affairs of the NIA, who disclosed this to the Ghana News Agency in an interview said the cards could be collected at the point of registration.

    He said the total registered number for Volta and Oti Regions currently stood at 568,261 and 362,035 respectively.

    Mr Palmdeti said there would be a window of opportunity for mopping-up across the country and complete registration of prospective applicants in regions, where work was unfinished not necessarily for the electoral purposes.

    “It is our intention to have as many people as possible captured onto the National Identification Register and issue them with cards for applicant’s use for their social, economic and political activities,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Parliament by majority decision on Tuesday approved the Constitutional Instrument (C.I. 126), which makes the Ghana Card and the Ghanaian passport the only legal citizenship identification document for the compilation of a new voters register.

    Under the C.I. 126, those who do not have the two citizen identification documents could still register provided they presented two already registered voters to vouch for them.