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Komenda College of Education Fees 2022/2023

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The prestigious Komenda College of Education management has released the fees schedule for the 2022/2023 academic session.

Thousands like you search for the Komenda College of Education fees every single month. Surprisingly, our internal research shows that about two-thirds do not find what they want.

This article promises to reveal all you need to know about the fees schedules and how to make your payments to be able to register your courses for the academic year.

The Ministry of Education controls the Colleges of Education, so usually, the fees schedule for various colleges seems to cut across.

Most of the Colleges of Education may have extra charges to the approved fees schedules. Students are advised to know the exact fees they need to pay before making any payment.

Kindly note that this article serves as a guide on the approved fees for Colleges of Education by the Governing Council.

Komenda College of Education Fees 2022/2023

The 2022/2023 academic year Colleges of Education fees to be paid by trainees excludes fees for examinations. The examination fee will be determined by the various affiliate universities in the country.

Level 100

To complete your admission status, successful applicants should make a payment of GH¢ 2,601.30 to the college’s account. This admission fee is paid without the examination fee inclusive.

Level 200 – GH¢ 1,431.23 per year

These fees are paid yearly, and it excludes hall dues and SRC dues, and Examination fees, which are paid semester by semester.

Level 300 – GH¢ 1,223.75

These fees are paid yearly, and it excludes hall dues and SRC dues, and Examination fees, which are paid semester by semester.

Level 400 – GH¢ 998.86

These fees are paid yearly, and it excludes hall dues and SRC dues, and Examination fees, which are paid semester by semester.

Colleges of Education, affiliated with the University of Cape Coast, pay GH¢ 400.00 per semester as an examination fee to the university.

Meanwhile, Some Colleges may differ from others due to other College-based charges that may have been agreed upon by Councils and SRCs of each and every College of Education.

Why do Colleges of Education have uniform fees schedule?

Colleges of Education are the leading teacher training institutions: 38 public and eight private colleges of Education, formerly known as teacher training colleges, split into 16 Ghanaian regions.

They offered a three-year curriculum that led to the Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) until 2018 when the Ministry of Education gave the green light for Colleges of Education to rub degree programs.

Education is described as “uniform” and a “national focus” even if CoE is present in every Ghanaian region. The public Universities conduct the final examinations granting the degree in Ghana.

The degree holders are allowed to teach at every level of the Basic Education (Kindergarten, Primary Schools, Junior High Schools, and Senior High Schools).

Apart from the Colleges of Education, two universities (Cape Coast and Winneba) train teachers. A specific four-year bachelor’s degree allows to teach in any pre-tertiary education (most graduates choosing senior high Education).

A specific master’s degree is needed for teaching in CoE. Universities also offer to DBE graduate a two-curriculum granting the right to teach in Secondary Education.

Distance education is also possible: the program lasts four years and leads to the Untrained Teacher’s Diploma in Basic Education (UTDBE). It was introduced to increase the number of primary education teachers in rural areas. Serving teachers can also benefit from continuing Education (in-service training, cluster).


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