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How To Register A Partnership Business In Ghana

How to register a business in Ghana

In this knowledge-based article, we are going to explore how to register a partnership business in Ghana.

Starting a business is one of the most effective ways to deal with hardship in every economy. In a fast-moving economy like Ghana, there is a high chance for business growth for striving entrepreneurs.

Registering a business is one of the most important things business owners should take note of as they think of expansion. Just as it is in many countries,  It’s a requirement to register your business with the registrar general department to be fully operational.

Starting a business comes with its advantages. To enjoy the best of life, you need to get a fast-moving business that guarantees profitability with less risk.

By data, most of the common names who have made it financially are people doing their own business. That’s the life flexibility entrepreneurship brings. The following are some of the benefits entrepreneurs enjoy;

  • Be your boss
  • Choose your team
  • Creative expression
  • Excellent learning experience
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Following a vision/cause
  • Greater potential profit

Types of business registration in Ghana

The decision to start your own business and operate it alone or to get into a partnership is premised on several factors, mostly dependents on the overall vision for the business.
These are the various forms of business registration under the laws of Ghana;
  • Companies Limited by shares.
  • Companies Limited by guarantee.
  • Companies with unlimited liability.
  • External Company.
  • Sole Proprietorship.

Before we get to how to register a partnership business in Ghana, you can explore our article on how to register a sole proprietorship business in Ghana. 

How To Register A Partnership Business In Ghana

Now that we know the various forms of business registration in Ghana, how do you register a business in Ghana?

The following are the practical steps to register a partnership business in Ghana;

Step 1 – Company Name search at RGD

Conduct your company name search in Ghana to ensure the availability of the proposed business name for the company. Company promoters may after the name search apply to have their business name reserved for 30 days.

The business name must be meaningful, relevant and distinctive. Business names that are too similar to existing names are likely to be rejected by the Registrar General’s Department.

For example, if there is an existing company called Success Africa Media Group Limited, a similar name like Success Africa Media Group Limited cannot be registered; such a name would be rejected, however, applicants will be advised to amend their company name accordingly.

The choice of a business name must be relevant to the nature of the activity of the company. Moreover, the business name must not be offensive and undesirable or violate existing trademarks.

You may use this link to check the availability of your business name. if your prospective business name is similar to an already registered business, you are advised to change the name completely as it may not be approved.

Step 2 – Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) registration for all company directors, secretaries and shareholders

Download TIN forms Here

All company directors, secretaries and shareholders are required to register and obtain a TIN for business registration. Complete TIN forms and attach a copy of photo ID (Drivers, passport bio-data, voters ID).

TIN numbers are created within 24 to 48 hours at no charge at any Ghana Revenue Authority office.

TIN numbers can also be created for corporate organizations. This situation becomes necessary when the shares of the company being registered are held by a corporate entity.

In such a scenario, the corporate organization will obtain a TIN Form for Organizations and dully complete the same and attach a letter of introduction. A TIN will subsequently be created for the corporate shareholder.

All persons or organizations are required to have one TIN for all their registered businesses; in case you decide to register more than one business entity or you serve as a director on several business organizations. Information required to complete an individual TIN form include;

  • Name
  • Occupation
  • Photo ID details
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Residential and postal address (Digital/Ghana Post Address of the company)
  • Contact

TIN form for business registration- Sample 

How To Register A Partnership Business In Ghana

Step 3 – Download the Business Registration Form

After securing your business name and TIN Number, the next thing is to download your business registration forms and fill them accordingly. Applicants are advised to read all the instructions on the forms before filing.

The forms are available on the Registrar General’s Department official website. You may use this link to download the business registration forms.

What is the cost of registering a business in Ghana

The cost of registering a business in Ghana will depend on the type of business you want to register. For this post, we are going to look at the cost of registering a partnership company in Ghana. The cost of registering a partnership business in Ghana is Gh¢160.00

An applicant may purchase and complete Form “A” for Incorporation of Partnership from the in-house bank or Download

Provide stamped Partnership agreement at Land Valuation Board

Submit filled forms at the Partnership Registration Counter for Verification and Capturing or via Online

Pay processing fee of Gh¢160.00 at the in-house bank or via Online

Registrar Examines, Approves & Issues Certificate Incorporation As well as CERTIFIED TRUE COPY(CTC) of Form B

File Annual Returns at Fifty Ghanaian Cedi(GHS 50) together with Audited Account

Final thoughts on how to register a partnership business in Ghana

Registering a partnership business in Ghana should be difficult. The above comprehensive guide should give you all the necessary information you need to successfully register your partnership business.

Should you need a special assistant, you may leave a message in the comment section for a redress.

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