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How to Open PDF File


In this article, we are going to share with you how to open PDF File with 0 difficulty. This piece is highly recommended if you’re facing difficulty opening any PDF files on Windows, MacBook, Android and iPhone.

Accessing of Pdf document can sometimes be a pain, especially when your device does not support the file. The good news is, opening a PDF is pretty easy when there’s a chance you have an app on your device that can open PDFs.

This article is helping you with how to access a PDF file

To find out if you have an app that can open PDFs, try to navigate your device and find a PDF file, double click, and apps that can open PDFs will appear as choices.

What is PDF?

PDF (Portable Document Format) files are widely used to create and share documents, as the PDF will keep formatting intact regardless of the viewer’s operating system and software. It requires special software to open, and nearly every device will open and view PDFs with the right software.

There are a lot of articles on how to open a pdf file, but here’s the easiest way to access your portable document format file.

How to Open PDF File

1. Download an app that supports PDF files.

While some Android does not have “built-in” support for reading PDF files, there are many free apps that will easily open your PDF files. Here are some apps to install;

• Google Drive

• Quickoffice

• Adobe Acrobat Reader

• Foxit MobilePDF

• Google PDF Viewer

• Kindle app

• Files by Google

2. Find the PDF file you want to open. 

Typically, when you download a PDF file, you can open it from your Notification bar by tapping the completed download. If you need to open the PDF file later, you can do so from your Downloads folder.

3. Enter the password if required.

Some PDFs are protected with passwords to prevent unauthorized readers from accessing the file. If you don’t have the password, the only way to open the file is by cracking the password.

Adobe could not open PDF name because…”. This error typically occurs if you save a PDF file using Safari’s “Save As” or “PDF Export” option.

– If you need to crack the password, iStonsoft PDF Password Remover for Mac is one of the more highly-rated options. If the password is strong, it may take hours or even days to crack.

Note: PDF won’t open in Safari because the error causes it with the Adobe plugin after updating Safari. You can fix it by manually deleting the plugin and restarting Safari.

– Adobe may not open PDF names because. The error typically occurs if you save a PDF file using Safari’s “Save As” or “PDF Export” option.

4. Open PDF files using Windows.

Windows asks for a program to open the file. If you have Adobe Reader installed, but PDF files won’t open, you may need to associate Reader with PDF files.

5. Open PDF using iOS

Tap the PDF that you want to open. iOS has a built-in PDF reader, which can open PDF attachments in emails or PDFs that you find online. This also gives you options to choose an app to handle your file.


Below are some frequently asked questions about opening PdF files

Why my PDF is not opening?

The following are the main reasons a PDF won’t open:

  • Unsupported file type: This is the most common reason you cannot open PDF. Occasionally some files may erroneously have the default application set to Adobe Reader. This problem is usually an inadvertent human error.
  • Outdated Acrobat or Adobe Reader: An outdated Adobe Reader or Acrobat program will throw this error. Adobe Inc continuously releases updates of its software to incorporate new features and enhance security.
  • PDF files created using non-Adobe programs: Many programs can make portable document files. Unfortunately, some of these programs do not follow the correct standards. The result is that you cannot open PDF.
  • Damaged PDF files: Sometimes, someone may send you a damaged file. The damage could have occurred during the document’s creation or email transmission where the document isn’t correctly decoded.
  • Damaged Installed Adobe Reader: A damaged installation of Adobe Reader or Acrobat often gives the error “cannot open PDF.” Damage is caused by an interrupted installation process, an update from Windows 7 to Windows 10, or corruption of the computer’s file system. Corruption can occur due to incorrect power shutdown, software failure, or hardware malfunction.
  • PDF files have a virus: The inbuilt Windows Defender or computer virus software can prevent you from opening a PDF file if a virus is detected.

How do I open PDF Files on my phone?

  • Open and read PDFs on Android.
  • Download and install Acrobat Reader from the Google Play Store. Launch the app.
  • On the bottom menu bar, select Files.
  • Locate your PDF file on your Android and select it.
  • Read your document. You can also adjust viewing and scrolling settings to your preferences.

How do I read a PDF on my iPhone?

  • Read any PDF file on an iPhone.
  • Install the Acrobat Reader app from the App Store. Launch the app.
  • On the bottom menu bar, select Files.
  • Locate the file on your iPhone and select it.
  • You can now scroll through and read your PDF.

Why PDF is not opening in my iPhone?

Your iPhone or iPad is designed to open PDF files automatically. If you have this problem with some PDF documents, those PDF documents may be corrupted. These files cannot be opened if they are corrupted. Perhaps the PDF file you could not open was not downloaded properly


In this article, we provided all you needed to know about opening PDF files.

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