A KOD-Inspired Vision Becomes A Building; The NUGS Basic School Project!


    Leadership in my opinion is about two things; passion and tenacity. Captured in pictures is one of many visions that has become a reality. Such has been my commitment and unflinching dedication to our student front for the gracious time that I’ve been honored with the responsibility.

    From August last year to March this year, as a contribution to the attainment of SDGs 4; to ensure an inclusive and equitable Quality Education, I and a team of like-minded young men and women, committed to contributing our quota to nation building and particularly to the advancement of basic school education which remains the most important because it is the formative years of education and needs special attention.a-kod-inspired-vision-becomes-a-building-the-nugs-basic-school-project

    We took the pain to tour our country, mobilizing funds and resources such as school uniforms, thousands of exercise books, and learning materials, and made donations to these schools in these communities.

    The goal was to shed more light on the plight of children of school-going age and to call for support for some on the verge of dropping out due to the unavailability of these materials, and the highly unfavorable conditions of learning.

    For all these young men and women who shared in the vision and traveled the road with me, we may never be able to lose sight of the experiences and the heart-wrenching scenes we uncovered in these areas.

    From Lolo Kumasi in the Volta Region to the very dilapidated schools in Uwasi, Fumbisi, and Zebeilla in the Upper East Region, to special education schools in Dambai and other areas in our country, the narrative was glaring, the need ever abundant and our will as that of indentured men.

    These were proud moments for me when I joined Master Dennis Appiah Larbi-Ampofo and his host of executives to cut sod for such a historic project in KANANIA in the Kassena Nankana West District.a-kod-inspired-vision-becomes-a-building-the-nugs-basic-school-project

    The will to deliver this project is a seal on the progress statement that we make as a Union to all stakeholders of this country!

    I’m particularly elated about the tenacity and commitment of Master Dennis Appiah Larbi, who played a very vital role in our strides last year in the bid to elevate the standards of education in these areas. He has walked the talk and delivered on our shared vision.

    In the coming years, this Union shall not only be known for its consistency in fighting for student interest on issues, but also for taking bold steps towards the development of educational infrastructure, particularly in rural communities.

    This is my commitment, and it is embossed in the nationalist agenda of the union.


    Friends, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, KOD is HERE!



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