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All You Need To Know About Colleges Of Education Reforms And Trainees Licencing.


All You Need To Know About Colleges Of Education Reforms And Trainees Licencing.

We have received a lot of concerns from our readers on how the Colleges of education are going to be run as universities as revealed by the Akuffo Addo Led administration few weeks ago. Our team has been able to gather these information for our readers, that notwithstanding , we are committed to ensuring accurate and worth reading information to our readers hence we shall continue to update this information till our readers from the colleges of education are well satisfied on the reforms and licensing.

Now let’s quickly go through some of the developments on how Colleges of education are going to be run.

Colleges of education is now going to be run as a satellite university . They are going to be affiliated to the various public universities in Ghana.

In your first 3 years, you’ll be a student of the college and in your final year (4th year) you will become a student of the affiliate university to pursue your degree after which you would have a one year national service just like students of our universities.

Students will continue to receive allowances for the first 3 years in school.

Students are still going to wear uniforms for lectures.

Highlighting on issues among the pivotal concerns as to whether students would be allowed to go for dinning or Cook on their own,  It has been agreed that students would still go for dinning since majority of the colleges  do not have a better place to cook and moreover their wiring system too isn’t good.

For those pursuing the four year degree in basic education, you can’t move from office to teach in classroom and a teacher cannot also upgrade himself to work in the office. Moreover if you’re in the basic level you can’t upgrade yourself to teach at the secondary school level or Tertiary.

You will remain at the basic level till you go on pension, therefore to the continuing students , it will be prudent for you to obtain the diploma and move to any university to upgrade yourself or register in sandwich programs to enable you move to the secondary school level and other higher levels.

Now this is how the system is going to be for freshers; when the first Years come, they’ll go on ‘mentee’ in second year, come back to campus on their third year and move back to ‘mentee’ on their fourth year after which they would do additional one year national service.

Since training colleges are now going to be satellites university, lecturers from the affiliate university can come and lecture student on campus too.

These and many other things has been discussed concerning the new education reform.

Students will continue to be posted after school.

Students are going to have freedom of movement on campus just like students in the universities.

Find on attached document all you need to know about the licensing.

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