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St. Francis College of Education 2022/2023


The St. Francis College of Education is one of the 46 Colleges of Education in the country.

The history of St. Francis College of Education Hohoe dates back to the early days of German Missionary activities when it first opened at Gbi Bla then part of the former German Territory of Togo Land. Since that time, the College has had a chequered existence.

St. Francis Training College of Catholic foundation was established by German Catholic Missionaries, but was closed down three years later and removed to Agbedrafo in Togo (now Republic of Togo). It was re-opened in 1912 and closed down again as a result of the First World War (1914 – 1918).

At a meeting of Heads of the Missionaries at Accra in August, 1929, the College was opened again at Gbi Bla as a rural training centre. In 1930, work on the transformation of the centre into a training college was begun.

In January 1931, the college was opened with 18 students by the late Bishop Augustine Herman and renamed St. Francis Training College with Rev. Fr. J. G.

Holland as the principal. In 1934, the college was again closed down, and removed to Amisano. The college then became a 2-year Certificate ‘B’ teacher training college when it was opened on 14 February 1947 due to the untiring efforts of the Bishop J. G. Holland.

The first members of staff were four: two expatriates one of whom Mr. G. J. Finnegan, was the principal, Mr. Hugh O’ Kelly, Vice Principal; and two Africans, Mr. P. K. Akoto-Ampaw and Mr. V. K. Ayivor. The pioneer students numbered thirty.

In 1954, thirty women were admitted into the college, making the college a co-educational institution. The two-year certificate ‘B’ course ended in 1962, and a four-year certificate ‘A’ course was introduced. A two-year History Specialist course was offered between 1964 and 1967.

This course was removed to the Advanced Teacher Training College at Winneba.

In 1968, the four-year course students were joined by some seventy men and a woman for a two-year certificate ‘A’ post-secondary course. In September 1973, a two-year Science and Mathematics Specialist course was introduced.

St. Francis’ College was among the 38 teacher training colleges given accreditation by National Accreditation Board (Ghana) to tertiary institution in September, 2007 to offer Diploma in Basic Education programme.

St. Francis College of Education Courses

Courses offered at the St. Francis College of Education are the approved programs to be run by the colleges in Ghana. These are programs accredited by the National Accreditation Board and supervised by the Ministry of Education.

We have a dedicated page about all the courses offered by the St. Francis College of Education. You may use the link above to access the page.

St. Francis College of Education Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements are the minimum criteria the school use when accepting a student into the college.

Since the colleges of education in Ghana are under the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education in consultation with other stakeholders like the Ghana Education Service set the admission requirements for all colleges of education in Ghana.

We have a dedicated page for the admission requirements for students who want to attend the St. Francis College of Education you can access the admission requirements by using the highlighted link.

St. Francis College of Education Admission Forms

Admission Form means the form provided by the school for parents/guidance to complete when accepting a place at the school. The admission forms for St. Francis College of Education can be accessed by visiting our dedicated page.

The page also has other vital information like the price for the various forms on sale, the year of programs available for admission, and a bit of the admission requirements for program-specifics.

St. Francis College of Education Admission List

The admission list of St. Francis College of Education is the list of students who have successfully been offered a place to study in the college. Students who want to apply to this college use the common platform used to apply to all the teacher training colleges in Ghana.

Successful students who met the admission requirements and the cut-off point of the college are admitted.

The list of successful applicants is published on the school’s website and notice boards. Most often, applicants are sent text messages confirming their acceptance into the institution.

The admission list may be accessed by using our dedicated page for the admission list of St. Francis College of Education.

St. Francis College of Education Fees Schedule

The fees schedule of the St. Francis College of Education is the approved academic fees and other related charges by the Ministry of Education.

Fees and most charges are determined by the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service.

However, you may have noticed that some colleges’ fees may be a bit higher compared to other colleges. This is because there are some extra charges the colleges of education are permitted to add to the approved fees.

You may visit our page for the fees schedule to determine the exact fees schedule of the St. Francis College of Education.

Applicants are advised to check the figures well to determine what they need to pay for and vice versa. All fees must be paid into the designated fees collection account of the college.

St. Francis College of Education Cut Off Points

The Cut-Off Point for Teacher Training Colleges in Ghana is aggregate 30. Applicants are to have credit passes (A1-C6) in three core subjects, including Core mathematics and English.

Credit passes in two elective subjects (A1-C6) would also be considered in calculating the cut-off points.

So, in effect, three core subjects and two elective subjects would be used to calculate Cut off points for various Colleges of Education, which is aggregate 30.

NB: Cut Off Points of various colleges of education are revised on yearly basis. To stay up-to-date, you may visit our dedicated page for the Cut Off Point for St. Francis College of Education via the highlighted link.


The St. Francis College of Education is one of the best colleges in Ghana. This page has links to all the important pages about this college.

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