Coup plot: One Military officer discharged


    It has emerged at the Criminal Division of the Accra High Court that, Col. Gershun Akpa, one of the six military components in the alleged coup plotters case where 10 persons are facing treasonable charges has been discharged.

    In court on Thursday, when Lawyer Victor Kojogah Adawudu moved a third bail application for them, the state said the AG has advised that Col Gershun Akpa be discharged, but the others would be committed for trial.

    Hilda Craig, Senior State Attorney, while opposing to the bail application said “their charge statements have been taken and all 10 except one have been indicted and we are likely to do the committals on February 20, at the District Court.

    “Gershun Akpa is the only one we have been advised to discharge. So we are waiting for the next court date to discharge him, all the rest have been indicted,” the Senior State Attorney told the court.

    Gershun Akpa, who is currently before the court is one of the 10 persons who have been held for the alleged destabilisation of the state.