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How To Write Your New Year Resolutions And Stick To Them

How to write your new year resolutions

In today’s guide, we are going to show you how to write your new resolutions.

New Year resolutions are a cliché. That is what many people say. Because it’s easy to write a very good resolution at the beginning of the year and forgot about it before the second, third or fourth month till the end of a year.

I used to be like that making so many promises to myself at the beginning of the year and zoning out before the year even thinks of ending. See! We are in this together.

I know many people like myself some years ago are wondering why it’s so easy to scribble down goals but so difficult to get themselves to do it.

Well, you have come to the right place because we are on this journey together. Planning your year is one of the most effective ways to take control of your actions and life and feel more confident about yourself.

Resolutions are good, positive and productive ways to set goals and intentions for the New Year.

Deciding to be a better version of yourself the coming year, by picking up a positive habit, learning a new skill, forgiving yourself and others, reading more books, working out, making a career change, getting into new relationships, building connections taking care of yourself shouldn’t be something that should be broken because, at the long run, it does benefit you tremendously when you see it through.

Often what we don’t realize is that the problem isn’t that we aren’t able to see through our resolutions, it’s that we need to do a better job at making resolutions that are actionable and achievable.

For instance, if you write as a new year goal that you want to become rich in the coming year, it’s almost like setting yourself up to fall short because it’s too vague and broad. How then do we write New Year resolutions?

Well my answer is quite simple and there are tons of ways to do this but this is how it works for me and how it has been working for me for 2 years.

Below are 6 great ways to set New Year resolutions and stick to them to get great results. Remember this will work depending on your commitment to your goals and how much you want to achieve them.

How To Write Your New Year Resolutions

1. Self-improvement is crucial

Make sure that’s every goal you set makes you a better person and helps you take charge of your life. It’s important to have goals that will help you become a better person.

For instance, last year one of my resolutions was to read more and expand my knowledge base.

Apart from just meeting my goals, I became a better person because I became more informed through reading.

2. Write down your goals

It has been established by psychologists that people who write down their goals feel a much more sense of accountability toward them than people who just say them.

And again there is always the tendency to forget them if you just speak them out.

The faintest pen they say is better than the sharpest brain. Writing down your goals is a way of telling yourself how serious you are about it.

3. Make smaller resolutions

Last year as part of my resolutions I wrote that I wanted to be recognised as a fashion brand on a big platform.

This was great but it was still too broad, I wouldn’t know where to begin if I left it like that so I did some things which changed the course of my resolutions and made it possible for me to follow through till the end of the year.

I made smaller resolutions. How? I broke down my goals into smaller achievable goals.

This way if I found an opportunity that matched with my goal I quickly took advantage of it and that helped me meet my goal way before the deadline.

For instance, if your goal is to get more social in the coming year, you can make a smaller goal by writing that you will be the first to approach people you see for a whole month.

This in my opinion is easier than just saying I want to become more sociable in the coming year.

4. Set a time frame and be specific

Working out is another great resolution. But how, when, for how long. Without some defined time frames, your best goals can get lost along the way.

The more detailed you are the better. My goal for 2019 is to set my blog running, drive traffic and monetize my blog. It’s great. So what do I do to achieve all these before the end of the year? I need to be specific.

What will I do every month, week and day to get me closer to my goals? I can say I will download resources to learn about blogging in the last weeks of 2018 to prepare myself for setting up my blog and I did just that.

This is just the beginning of the loads of work I have to do but when I set time frames for it, it becomes easy to navigate through it.

5. Self-examination

Reassess yourself, are you on the path to achieve your set goals or you are drifting off? Examine yourself through the weeks and months and make changes if necessary.

One very important thing, it’s not compulsory that you need to follow your resolutions by the neck. It is ok to make changes at certain times if you find out it’s a bit unrealistic or it can be done differently.

For instance, if your resolution is to save more in the coming year, you can specify the amount of money you want to save every day or week and if at a point in time you realize that it’s not possible to save that money, you can change the amount and save according to your abilities.

6. Remember it’s okay to fail

I cannot stress how important this is. A lot of people make amazing resolutions, the start of so well and when failure stares them in the face, they quit.

Failure is a part of life and its life’s way of telling you to come back stronger or take a different route.

Don’t ever let failure be your hindrance. Learn to learn through failure and approach things again but with more knowledge and strength than before.
Above all these, believe in yourself, you can do it.

You have the capabilities to set resolutions and follow through with them and these steps outlined above will guide you to have a very successful year.

Resolutions are not clichés and they are not meant to be broken. They are meant to be followed through and through. We hope you enjoyed this article on how to write your new resolutions.
Happy New Year…..

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